My Groove

I am starting to find my groove again. At least, the past couple of days the writing has flowed easier. I’m quite pleased with the number of words I have written yesterday and today. And the quality but ya’ll judge for yourself.

Today the world is ending….Again. We meet a supporting character that you’ve heard about but never met before. I won’t say who she’s modeled after. I’ll let ya’ll guess that one for yourself….

Anya looked over at the little boy who was now playing with a car, “Okay, I admit something isn’t right. Cletus told me to pack our things before he left this morning. And he let Luis and Maria go last night. Gave them money and suggested they visit their family for a while. That’s not like him. But still, this….”

“I know it seems crazzy. Like some horrible science fiction movie. I get that, Anya. But please, Doc, Brent Jacobs and his wife Lauren, the people I worked for, have this place in West Texas. He’s been planning for years. You’ll be safe there. You and Zander. But I need your help. I need you to tell me where the girls are. Where did they place Zoya and Yana?”

“No, nyet, I can’t leave Cletus. Ya lyublyu svoyego muzha….”

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