Behind Again?

This morning, I awoke to not just edit and post the next chapter in #ReconciliationTX. I also needed to finish it. My writing schedule is Monday-Wednesday-Friday in #Apokalypzee and Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday in #ReconciliationTX. Except this weekend, I did hardly any writing. I’m falling behind in blogging too. But don’t worry. Today’s chapter got finished, edited, and posted. I have tomorrow’s #Apokalypze chapter already written. So, I am spending today catching up on blogs. Then, finger crossed, I’ll be back on track.

The good news is that the thing which has kept me from writing is more important. Personal development – mind, body, and spirit. I am now officially fifty-six and one month. That’s just three years and eleven months until my Wise Woman years (by MY standards, of course). I could go on and on about my plans and that Journey to Wise Woman that I am on. But if you want that then check out my new blog that chronicles that path.

That may not seem to have much to do with my fiction writing but it 100% does. Writing is an exercise of the spirit and mind. And that has never been more critical than now. We are living in changing times, folks. We, as individuals, communities, and humanity, must adapt…or we die. I believe that we will adapt. But to do so we need not only the enthusiasm of youth, and trust me we have that. But we also need a generation of elders, wise women (and men), to guide those future generations.

Now, some people become wise by studying. I believe some are born that way. And some, precious few like me, learn wisdom by all the mistakes we make. Let’s be honest here, it is our generation and our parents who made this mess that we are leaving for future generations to clean up.

Now, I look at my peers. Many of them just don’t give a shit. They’ve had a good life. And they intend on continuing their excesses for as long as they are breathing. Sadder still for me are the ones who are wallowing in their guilt and self-pity like pig in muddy shit (which by the way is not their natural tendency). They grieve and mourn what has become of society and this planet. And that is liberals as well as conservatives.

Then I believe are the Elders. We see the mess. We recognize that life as we know it is over. And it is. Humanity cannot continue like this. We can either start now, from the point of accepting that it is too late for that. We must begin to address the issues of social and environmental justice from a stand point of personal change and community leadership. Recognizing that is the key to building momentum to the tipping point when that global or humanitarian change will happen. Or things will go to shit. In which case, we need to have prepared a generation that will take up the mantle of rebuilding a more just and sustainable foundation. And wisdom says that is not either/or, but we must simultaneously act on both those assumptions.

I want to be one of those elders. I want to take all those mistakes I made as a maiden and mother and impart the lesson to future generations. Yes, through my writing. But also my actions. To do that…to become that Wise Woman….I must purify my spirit, prepare my mind, and my body to sustain me through those tough years ahead.

That has been my focus – the long term. But I still manage to keep the here-and-now in there too. Like today’s episode of #ReconciliationTX. It reminds me of how hard it is for some of our young people growing up without parental acceptance and love. #PrideMonth might be over. But we can never forget that as privileged as we in much of the West are to have the whole beautiful #LGBTQIA+++ rainbow, there are still way too many cultures and places where being gay, let alone trans, can get you killed.

With a heavy sigh, he began the transformation. Victoria was the stronger one anyway. Maybe she would have answers.

Maybe this revenge thing was the wrong idea? How many times had Mama told him he was weak? He certainly wasn’t doing any of this for her or Diego. He had washed his hands of them as quickly as they had of him. Roberto had been a good kid, though. But could he do this? Even for his youngest brother?Vic would have time to ponder those things and come up with that plan later. Right now, he needed to get his ass moving, or he wouldn’t need to worry about that job.

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