Another One?

It’s July 1st. Do ya’ll know what that means?

Camp #NaNoWriMo

Yes, there was just one in April. Yes, the big one’s in November. Now there are three of them. Alan got used to being a #NaNoWriMo loner with his first wife. She too was a writer. But either they didn’t do Camps then, or Telsa didn’t participate in them. Because I always get that response when I mention that it’s time.

This time is going to be especially challenging as I also have a garden to maintain and am full throttle on exercise. I could have taken the easy route and set a word count goal for this month in #Reconciliation and/or #Apokalypze. But do I ever take the easy route? Okay, sometimes. But not on the shit that matters to me.

My goal this month is to complete edits on #TroubleTXStlye. I began those in April and put a serious dent in them. But honestly, it was a mess. With half of the storyline split into four separate books, it took loads more time and effort to put things into chronological order. It was basically a two-step process. Put things into the correct order, or as close to it as I could. Then I went back, ran Grammarly and did others edits line-by-line. So, technically, I editted everything twice. That’s why even though I surpassed my 250K word goal, I only got about half of it editted.

This time may be a bit easier. I’m not that far from the point where I gave up four separate stories and combined them chronologically. So, that makes the process easier. And it also means I have a lower word count goal for this time. Only 100K. Though, that may be a low ball number. I should have calculated how many words remained to be editted. rather than just guess.

And that is on top of, in addition to, maintaining daily chapters in both #Reconciliation & #Apokalypze. As well as my blogs. And exercise. And my maters. And my daughter. And Alan. Oh, no wonder the poor man says…. ‘Another one?’

Okay, well, obviously, I better get my a$$ off here and get to work. Today’s episode is Jill’s sons stuck in Africa, trying to get to their girl in Mexico before the sh^t really hits the fan. And they are facing as many obstacles, challenges, variables, and Unknowns as I am with this #CampNaNoWriMo2021.

Darren finally lifted his head from whatever he was tinkering with, “Well, you better take into consideration finding a new vehicle. If we even make it as far as Brazil. At least there’s a life raft in the damned thing.”

“Should we find another plane?” DJ’s pacing increased with each word.

His youngest brother shook his head, “We don’t have that kind of money. I’m probably exaggerating things, but only a bit. We should just about make it to Brazil, but I don’t think she’ll hold together beyond that.”

“Fuck,” the fact that came from Damien said more than the word itself.

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