Getting Ahead

I am starting this week one chapter ahead. It’s been awhile since that happened. And it is a bit of a relief. I’d like to be three or four chapters ahead but that’s going to take some time with this new writing schedule.

We’re back in Sebida proper today. Well, almost. The Lucky Wolf is just outside town a few miles. Jack’s trying to piece together the last few days of his grandfather’s life…and what happened to that money.

The past few years as I get older, I’ve looked back on my family and wondered about things that never made sense. Especially in new lights of #MeToo and LGBTQIA+++. We have these illusions that those things are ‘new.’ They aren’t. What has changed is how we deal with them. In the past, all those things were simply hidden and the pain buried deep inside us. That kind of trauma can get passed down from generation to generation until it’s dealt with.

Unfortunately, unlike Jack and Abby, I’m unlikely to ever get answers to family’s past. I have considered writing about it, but that just ANOTHER book to put in the long, long to-be-written queue. And it is long. At this rate, I’ll need to live forever.

“Hey, boss. What you doing here?”

Jack laughed at how Reb’s warped sense of humor had rubbed off on George and some of the others. “I just finished at the bank, and my wife won’t be home for a couple more hours. So, I thought I’d start to tackle this mess.”

“The office’s easy. It’s that trailer you need to worry about. I almost broke my damned neck getting to your grandfather. The dang paramedics just threw shit all over the place to make a path to get the stretcher to his body.”

Jack felt his throat tighten. This was as much as George had said about the old man’s death. But as hard as it was to hear, Jack knew that he needed to listen. Perhaps it held some clue to the missing money, or maybe he was just ready to face reality. That was certainly easier to do, knowing that he could fall asleep in Abby’s arms. “Had he been acting strangely before he died?”

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