Better Late?

Sorry, folks, I’m trying out new routines to bring more balance to my life. There just never seems to be enough hours or spoons in my day.

Today, we’re in Houston….and one of those teleconference things.

My friend did online counseling as she transitioned. Admittedly, my experience with ‘Zoom’ has been limited. I don’t work. Ha-ha, that’s funny. I’ve been up since 5 a.m. writing. But what I mean is I don’t work for someone else. So, the only time I do such things is voluntary.

But I find most human-to-human interactions (outside of great sex) challenging. Those little boxes on the screen makes it easier to just leave a meeting. And what you’re wearing matters less. You can even not turn on your screen. But sometimes they just drag on too long. I have found a great (so fat, at least) book club. It is only an hour and has small breakout sessions of only six people. I like that.

What’s your thoughts on all these tech meetings? Would you be comfortable doing online counseling?

J. T. pulled out his phone and dialed into the video conference. Sixteen minutes late. To his own counseling appointment. The young blond woman smiled indulgently, “Hey, J. T., we were wondering if you were going to make it. Let me just add Jeb to the conference. We’ve been chatting while we waited for you.”

He wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or leary, but Jeb was smiling too as his face appeared on the now split-screen. “Hey, did Josefina make it?”

His son rolled his eyes, “Yes, everything is fine, dad. Did you enjoy your bus ride?”

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