New Day

Yesterday was definitely Monday.

It didn’t start off too bad. I feel like I’m coming into my mojo with this two storyline thing. And honestly, it is refreshing. But then….

My FitBit stole 3K steps.

What? I went on a walkabout. Forty-five minutes later and I was almost to my 10K steps. I had double the number of active minutes for the day. But it had not automatically registered it as exercise. So, I do it manually. And lose 3K steps.

Now, I make no bones about being autistic/neurodivergent. One of the unqiue qualities of MY autism is complete focus on list, goals, and my badges. I actually have an Excel spreadsheet that tracks the number of words I write and edit every day. It then gives me averages for the eight ancient Celtic celebrations/seasons. So, obviously, I live for my FitBit stars and badges. This would not just mess up my daily goals but weekly too.

I get moving and I also SCREAM at tech support. It was also as close to a fight as we get in our @HomeCrazzyHome. Alan just does not understand my autistic brain in this one. In the end, I discovered that FitBit cannot do as much as I thought or needed. Basically, I can have my steps or my exercise but not both. So, I am back to aother spreadsheet to track all the other physical activities that I do. And yes, when I deleted the exercise, I got my steps back.

But the whole thing showed how easily we can get upset over shit. Little shit that seems HUGE at the time. Of course, today is another day.

What does matter?

That’s the fun of writing an apocalyptic story. Exploring those issues. What happens when you can’t save everyone? When you can’t even save those you love?

And it does not take an apocalypse or pandemic. We in the West are privileged. There are parts of this world were famine, war, pestilence, and death are the norm. Every day. Generation after generation. And in the 21st century there is no excuse for that.

But even in our privilege, many live on the marigns. One paycheck from disaster. One broken bone. Sometimes even one day of missed work. Car accidents. And yes, violence against some, especially BIPOC communities where sending your teenager to the corner store can result in death.

Today, we should not just count our blessings/privilege. And we all have some. But we should stand in solidarity with those who don’t. In whatever way we can. Because every day is an apocalypse for someone, somewhere.

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