Another Manic Monday

Yes, it definitely is that. Honestly, I goofed off too much this weekend. Not totally. I have been working on what I’m calling my four year journey to Wise Woman and all the plans that go with that.

Health & fitness chief among them. If any of you have FitBits and working on your goals, let me know. I’d love some work out buddies. My long term goals are to enter my Wise Woman era (60) in the best shape of my life. My dream is to celebrate that achievement by hiking the Appalachian Trail and biking the Pacific Coast Highway.

Yes, I am missing home. I did an anti-racism and co-conspirator Zoom conference yesterday. And for the first time in fifteen years, I didn’t feel like a misfit or a freak. I felt like these were my people. Of course, I know ya’ll are my peoples, too. Otherwise, why would you keep reading this stuff?

Trust me, even legal aliens like me, have it tough. And the language barrier is only miniscule. Yes, there is one. English and American are two different languages. But even more so, diverse cultures. And I am coming to accept that I will never be home here. Of course, I’m not sure I would be there either. Yesterday showed that I could find a few like me though.

Stacey is coming home today. It is funny, how you can live somewhere your whole life and it not feel like home. But a new place instantly feel like that. Long Beach was like that. At least in the beginning. And yes, I am familiar with Sedonna, AZ. I have even stood on the corner in Winslow, AZ. Hmmm…. Maybe?

On that theme of home…

Where or what it is for you?

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