Cotton Candy Pink

Yes, we are back in Sebida, folx. And with fan fav, Jack Greywolf.

Jack laughed as they walked up the few steps to the cement porch and loading dock. “Morning, gentlemen.”

Looks like it is for some of us, Greywolf,” replied old man Ledbetter.

He felt her tense at his side and drew her closer. “So, you finally came to your senses?” This time it was Maude Willard.

The woman was a good decade older than he was, at least. The Willards’ only child, she had been working here since before he was born. These days she all but ran the place while her dad mostly gossiped. Of course, such things weren’t women’s work, and her parents were just waiting for her to find a good man and settle down before they turned it all over and retired. Hell would probably freeze over first.

“Good morning, Maude. We’re looking for some paint.” Jack knew they wouldn’t escape her sharp tongue so easily, but better if they didn’t have half the men in town as an audience.

The woman looked at Abby and half smiled, “We have some lovely cotton candy pink.”

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite color? Especially for bedrooms….

Mine is purple. I adore purple. Though, when we moved to the top floor for a quieter and darker bedroom, that room is golden yellow. English Triffle or Buttermilk Biscuit to be precise. And we have bird wallpaper on behind our bed.

A few of the colorful paint choices in our @HomeCrazzyHome. We celebrate the rainbow even on the darkest, rainiest Welsh winter day.

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