What Would You Do?

On Saturday, I went to the big grocery store in town for the first time since March 2020. I was pleased that I kept my anxiety to a minimum and didn’t ‘kill’ anyone.

But as I was standing in line waiting for a cab, the whole thing was put into perspective. There was a mother there with a toddler. The little girl was running back and forth and being a child. Mom was talking to another woman in line. She said that she had taken her daughter to the lido (outdoor pool by the beach) the day before. Her next words floored me….

It was the first time she’s been anywhere really.

Yes, there are toddlers who have never really been places. What must that feel like? What will be the impact on their long term mental health?

Now, stop. Think for a moment. This virus as bad as it has been. As many faults in our governments, economic systems, and people as it has revealed, what if it had been worse? This is honestly nothing compared to the Black Death.

That’s what the crew in Apokalypze is dealing with. Especially the leaders, Dr. Brent Jacobs, his wife Lauren, and today’s main character Monique Fournier.

“Are you listening to a damned word, I’m saying, Monique? You and Brent Jacobs cannot fucking play god with the lives of millions and billions of people. Ya’ll need to come clean and tell the world what you know.”

Yeah, she loved that passion too. How this woman had managed to keep that innocent passion alive in this misogynistic world was surprising. But she was not up to having this conversation now. “Toilet paper.”

Would you? If you were a scientist or world leader, and knew that some disaster was going to happen, would you tell people? If the world was coming to an end, would you, as a normal person, want to know?

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