It’s Happening….

It’s really happening?!?

Yes, I have been promising/warning ya’ll that I was going to re-start The Apocalypse series. Alternating it with #ReconciliationTX. And I have finally done it.

For those of you who may not know/remember this series goes back to my first completed novel. It was called The Arrangement back then. And I thought it was a stand alone romance. Until Dr. Brent Jacobs appeared in Chapter 10. Then I knew….

This was another series!

I finished his story, Rings of Fire, and thought to self-publish them on Amazon. Back when I still thought I could be the #LiteraryErotica of a transphobic author who shall remain nameless.

I have edited and re-edited the bejesus out of both those stories. But I had not started the next book. Primarily because I could not figure out whose story came next in the timeline. Because, of course, I was thinking linearly. #TroubleTXStyle broke that mold. Now I don’t worry about whose on first or what’s on second. I write chronologically.

So get ready for it….

I know that this will disappoint some of you, who just want to get this #ReconciliationTX over or at least to the good parts. But honestly, I have been writing the same story for a year now. With no end in sight. Yes, as Jack would say….

Shitpisscockcuntmotherfuckinsonsofbitches, there is more after this.

So, I can’t wait forever to continue other stories. Otherwise, I might die with them still stuck in my brain.

How’s it gonna work?

I’m thinking that I will alternate between the stories. Whether that is Monday/Wednesday/Friday in #ReconciliationTX and Tuesday/Thursday in #Apokalypze, I’m not sure yet. That’s how I’m gonna start for now anyway.

But to keep the confusion to the minimum, I will be posting a brief excerpt, a sentence or a paragraph, along with the link to that day’s story here.

And if you have not read Solid Ground or Rings of Fire, then you can binge read them here. For the rest of you, jump right in, with…

She almost dropped the disk at what she saw in his eyes. She shook her head. No, it could not be. There was no way.

“Hello, Kate.”

Not Getting Away

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