Another Wedding?

Yes, another two, in fact. Most of the books that I read either ends with the engagement or perhaps a brief glimpse of the bridal party. Mine breaks with those traditions and go into great details. I search the web for ceremonies that I adapt and personalize for the individual couples. I have lost count of the number of weddings I have performed.

So, why?

What’s my fascination with weddings? Especially since I’m not a huge fan of the institution of marriage as a bastion of religion and misogyny.

Okay, another confession. Do I have any secrets left from ya’ll? I have been married three times. And never had a ‘real’ wedding.

Heck, the last one that was supposed to be small but ‘real’ was derailed by Covid. I have two boxes of fancy fabric, crocheted bouquets, and other paraphernalia underneath our bed from the wedding that never was. And to be completely honest, planning the damned thing was a nightmare. Worrying about this one’s feelings, not serving alcohol because that one might get drunk, knowing that more than one person wasn’t exactly happy about us getting hitched. And in the end it was all for…NOTHING.

The only pictures of our not-so-big day were taken by @PanKwake on her iPad. It was over in moments. And only @PanKwake and two of our friends came.

So, hell yeah, if I’m hitchin’ my loud-mouthed, independent, and strong women to even the best of men, they gettin’ their dream weddings that I never had.

Just so ya’ll know, I have added photos of Mercy’s and Laura’s unusual wedding ‘dresses’ on my Pinterest page.

I may never get my own ‘wedding’ but I’ll keep inflicting that mush on ya’ll.

So, anyone want to tell me their special day stories? I might have to use them in the future. Heck, we might have our first gay wedding one day…. No spoilers.

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