New Blog

You need another new blog, like you need a hole in your head.

Yes, I know. I already have three active ones and over half a dozen others. Heck, I’m not even keeping current with @HomeCrazzyHome.

But honestly, I feel guilty subjecting ya’ll to my proselytizing and rambling. I always feel that my characters say shit so much better than I can. Actually, I do. I feel that my non-fiction writing is too disorganized, angry, and disjointed. But it is an essential part of growth. Like thinking out loud.

I appreciate that none of you have complained about my long winded, preaching to the choir. But I have moved my rants to another blog, Raised Racist. It is more just a place for me to think out loud and mark my own progress. But I mention it if there was one or two of you who actually liked that shit.

So, now, this goes back to strictly quick writer updates. As you may have discovered, today’s episode of #ReconciliationTX is up already. I did manage to get three days ahead, which is the minimum I like to have. Don’t forget, we have a wedding, a double-wedding, coming up. Probably next week.

I also posted another edited part of #TroubleTXStyle this weekend. I will try to do another this week, but I am battling PachaMama (Mother Nature) here to get everything planted between rain showers. So that is taking up loads of my time. But so worth it. I do hope to finish editing it by my birthday in early June. Then I’ll tackle Njörður’s Wife.

I did go to the protest but was sadly disappointed with the lack of diversity. I live in a decidely white place, more so than the real Sebida when I lived there twenty years ago. I have another one this weekend in remembrance of George Floyd’s death. As an autistic person with social anxiety, it is challenging. But my white privilege is to ignore the way things are. PoC, LGBTQIA+++, and others don’t have that privilege. My new t-shirt says it well…

Okay, that’s about it.

Goddess bless and keep you all,

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