Where’s Jack?

Opps…My Bad! And none of you told me.

So, on Friday, after that big day out with @PanKwake, I edited and posted the next chapter in #ReconciliationTX. Lovebirds was created and published. But I somehow forgot to create the links. And none of ya’ll yelled at me? Asked me where’s our Friday chapter of smut? Okay, so I have done that now. Apologies.

Good news is that puts me three chapters ahead. Since I wrote two chapters this weekend. Tomorrow, you meet the final character in this saga. If you’re the visual type, don’t forget to check out my Pinterest page, where I’ll post photos of them.

And you will notice that in addition to writing two more chapters this weekend, I have been screwing with the website – AGAIN. I have begun to replace that crappy rough-draft of #TroubleTXStyle with the chronological and edited version. I have rolled the whole series under the title – Texas Style.

So, the easiest way to get to #ReconciliationTX (other than bookmarking the page) is from the landing page (my blog) go to the menu bar – Texas Style – three options will appear – My One, TroubleTXStyle, and click on ReconciliationTX.

Eventually, TexasStyle will become a landing page like Njörður’s and Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour. But as long as there are active postings, I want to keep your click throughs to a minimum. Which means soon…Apocalypse will also become a drop down. But probably not until after the wedding…which is when things begin to really kick off with our story.

Okay…I hope ya’ll are able to find your way around. If not just ask. And I would love comments from those of you who read that rough draft about the new format of #TroubleTXStyle. The parts are not ‘chapters’ but more like novellas. They are between 10K words and over 30K. I have broken them down into time frames. I considered going with whole days but a couple of those would have been full-length novels. Fingers-crossed, the plan is to finish the edits by my birthday, June 5th. Then move on to Njörður’s Wife, which is going to need close to re-writes in parts. Or maybe not…

Okay, so that’s the plan…

Along with more trips for @PanKwake…
A garden/urban farm that feeds the neighborhood…
Protesting and non-fiction writing about social issues…

Along with Alan, @HomeCrazzyHome, and my own reading.

Yes, I am totally Crazzy…

Goddess bless and next time tell me I forgot to post,

P.S. Jack is in bed with Abby right now. Well, sort of. You’ll have to wait to see what I mean.

One thought on “Where’s Jack?

  1. I love Njordur’s Wife. I look forward to whatever you plan. Non consent and reluctance are different to me. They got to know Kirsten, and she them, she was ready to be in love after months of emailing. She just,didn’t know about the three brothers. I love that story, and I’m glad it isn’t being tossed.

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