My Way

What a week!

Jack & Abby tied the knot (in MY dream wedding). I took my beloved @PanKwake out on an adventure – the first time she has left the house since our wedding in March 2020. It hailed and rained, but thankfully my maters seem to have survived, at least for now. I got my new Fitbit and a new organizer app so I can get my shit together. Then I dropped and broke my phone. And that’s just the highlights and low-points.

And oh, I left another distributor. I’m coming more and more to realize that I am too much of a control freak to do this writing thing any other way. So, a huge welcome to the couple of people I think that followed me over here.

To answer some recurring questions…

I have not forgotten Kirsty’s dying mother or Georgia’s kidnapping, but as I said…I am having challenges reconciling the behaviors in Njörður’s with the world in which we live and the misogyny that real women endure. Yes, I know this is fiction and fantasy. But I want the things I write to paint a picture and be a road map to a better world, not reinforce the wrongs that have gotten us to this point. And taken as a whole, the characters progress through that, learn, and change. But as a writer, I worry…what if someone read only the first bit of it? What if that validated their wrong perceptions with…but she liked it? I need to work through those things. And probably come up with a much stronger warning.

It is also a matter of time. #TroubleTXStyle may be ‘complete.’ But the rough draft here on the website is a mess! I did not manage to finish editing it during #CampNaNoWritMo last month. So I still have loads more to do with that. Now that I have figured out the format that I want to use with it, I am going to begin replacing those old chapters with the newly edited ones. As it stands now, I’m ashamed by the quality of that story. Even though I have begun, #ReconciliationTX.

Oh, for the newbies, you’ll find Rings of Fire, Book 1 of the Apocalypse series and the sequel to Solid Ground here. I’m probably going to finish that series in a serialized format as well. With all four/five of the remaining storylines blended as they are in #TroubleTXStyle and #ReconciliationTX. And frankly, I could use a bit of a break from Sebida. To move on and have other irons in the fire.

if that is not enough, now that the weather is a bit better, I have more maters that desperately need planting. And a daughter that demands more fun days out…to make up for the last year plus of isolation…and before The Shit Hits The Fan…AGAIN.

What do I think this is going to look like? What do I anticipate do and when?

I am going to continue #ReconciliationTX – of course. But might alternate it with some Apocalypse soon. Maybe later this month or June? I want to get a few chapters ahead in #Reconciliation before I do. I started out way ahead with all that Jack & Abby as well as Donovan & Jo written, but I blew through that super fast just to get the story moving. So honestly, right now…I have nothing written past today’s. And I probably won’t get anything else written today cause those maters need me.

Over the weekend, I am going to remove the unedited chapters of #TroubleTXStyle and post the clean and chronological ones. BUT…I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with the chapters that I have not edited yet. Whether I am going to leave them up for now, until I can edit and replace them. Or if I’m going back to serializing it. I hope to finish it this month. Then I promise…my next editing project is Njörður’s Wife. At which point, I might have three active storylines…and complete insanity.

Then there is Mike & Esther…getting them on the road, building them up as a couple, and then bringing them home to #ReconciliationTX.

And there are at least half a dozen other stories I’ve been sitting on too. Do ya’ll realize that I get up at 5 a.m. and do writing related stuff until at least noon? That is practically a full-time job. Thanks to loving support of Alan.

Oh, and if you think everything is almost settled with Jack & Abby – Don’t. My favorite trope is insta-love. But unlike many of the other writers that I’ve seen use it…

Commitment and love is just the beginning of the story, not the end.

I know that from personal experience. Those two and the others have loads more to face, because I believe…

There’s enough crap and uncertainty in life. You don’t need that drama from the people that are supposed to love you. You pull together or you fall apart. That’s real life…and the makings of the best stories.

So, off to edit today’s chapter. Then hopefully catch up a bit and get a couple of chapters ahead over the weekend. Since it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow.

Welcome to new/old readers. Thank you for sticking with my Crazzy to everyone.

Goddess bless you all with love that endures the bad times as well as the good,

P.S. For the visual among you, I have uploaded new photos of Jack, dressed for his wedding, and Abby plus her dress…and a few more to my Pinterest page. And for the music lovers, I have created a YouTube playlist to accompany the reading those chapters of Jack & Abby’s special Las Vegas Elvis wedding.

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