A…from a Hole in the Ground

After twenty-two days of edits and two-thirds of the way through #CampNaNoWriMo, I have FINALLY figured out WFT I am doing with #TroubleTXStyle. And I should begin partial roll-outs next week of edited chapters. I won’t actually finish it totally by the end of April, but I’ll have put a good dent in it.

And, of course, we are still in the Jack/Abby bottleneck. Though, I did manage to work in one chapter today about another of the storylines. But the first part of next week will be more of the same. I know that some of you are so tired of Jack. Yeah, right. He is sexy as fuck. In that bad boy, but good man way…

Oh, no, another song…

Jack’s theme song?

Not, that I don’t love Jack too. But I want to get to some of the surprises that are to come.

But right now, I’m running late. It’s sunny and that garden is calling my name.

Ya’ll have a blessed weekend. Stay safe and healthy. And I’ll catch you back here on Monday for more Jack and Abby.

Goddess bless,

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