Wanted: Crazzies

So, #Reconciliation is plugging along. I even managed to outline all the way through the wedding this morning.

Lizzie & Adam

You’ve now met Lizzie and Adam. I have to admit, Lizzie is a bit sanctimonious for my tastes. That girl needs to loosen up. But I suppose that is the other side of the coin if you live in place like Sebida. When all those rules feel like a straight-jacket.

Once this one is off and running, I will restart the Apocalypse series. Mixing chapters of both each week.

I am deep into #CampNaNoWriMo and edits in #TroubleTexasStyle. It is the hardest edits I have ever done. Trying to put things in the correct order, sometimes requires cutting and pasting whole sections two and three times. Yesterday was a nightmare! Wednesday, I had edited one of the longer chapter, over 13K words. Then, I wake up Thursday to discover that Word, OneDrive, and/or my computer had lost most of that. I was not even sure which was which. So, I had to re-edit the whole damned thing.

That required Burger King…and Taco Bell. And a nap.

But when I woke this morning, things were better. After that nap yesterday, I was able to get quite a bit of writing done. And other than bloated, I’m back on my game this morning. Touch wood, considering I have not tackled #TroubleTexasStyle yet.

Speaking of which…

Are there any of you that loved the story so much you want to read it again from the beginning?

I could use a couple of sets of other eyes on it. Just to comment on the order, make sure that it all flows, and makes sense. To be fair, as I put it together in that chronological order, it changes it so much that it is almost a new story. Or I think so.

Oh, and if you aren’t up to being a beta reader now, don’t worry I will be posting the new and revised version in May sometime. Assuming I finish it.

Okay, I had better stop procrastinating and go tackle that next chapter in #TroubleTexasStyle.

Just curious…who are you lovin’ on the most? Jo & Donovan? Lizzie & Adam? Or good old Jack? Of course, you haven’t properly been introduced to Abby Jean Monroe. That should be Monday’s chapter though. And J. T.? Well, that story is going to take longer to unfold.

Have a great weekend. Get out in that garden and plant something. Not only is it the best food security in troubled times, but it is great therapy for your mental health.

Goddess bless and keep us all,

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Crazzies

  1. I read what I got from the chapter list on the Tts web site and i.think it flows well. Contextually it continually moves forward, and while i.mentioned two chapters date and time stamped the same. I dont think it messed with the flow.

    1. I am breaking the longer early chapters down into the scenes and making them chronological so that the beginning will flow as smoothly as the final 1/3.

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