April Fools

Yes, I know I am a day late. But that is par for the course for me.

I have posted another chapter in #ReconciliationTX. Yes, more Jo & Donovan. But we need to get these darned backstories out of the way before things can take off. Of course, anonymous has been doing a happy dance and emailed me to say how delighted they are that Jo (formerly Callie) is getting out of that elevator after all these years. That should happen on Monday.

Then we can head back to Sebida and begin some of that Reconciliation. You know Jack, but you still have to meet some others…Abby Jean, Lizzie, and Adam. As well as catching up with some of our old friends. Trust me, this is frustrating for me, too, folks. I can’t get these stories out of my head fast enough.

Especially not when I have all these veg to plant, a house to clean, a young human to mentor, and a partner to… (Bet ya’ll can guess that one.)

I have only the Epilogue of No Strings Attached left to write. I finished the final chapter yesterday. I will edit and post that over the weekend.

And I am moving through edits on #TroubleTexasStyle…thanks in large part to Arthur. That is my #CampNaNoWriMo project. To edit all 290K of that one. Then I will have more website updates to clean up this series.

From there, I am re-considering publishing on Kindle and others. Not that the money matters. I have all I need, and don’t believe in greed. BUT I do want as many people as possible to have access to these books. I don’t even have a problem charging for the privilege of having them in ebook format. And certainly, we should all pay for killing trees. Unfortunately, profit driven Amazon can’t cope with those ideas.

So, yeah, big plans. Always. How many lives do we get again? Of course, that isn’t fair as writers have many. I suppose though so do readers.

Off to buy Her Royal Highness her ice cream and then to work in the garden since it is so lovely today. Thank the goddess, spring and summer do actually have more hours in the day. And this old body is beginning to make that switch to longer days.

Have a good weekend and goddess bless,

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