Heads Up…

Hey, folks, just a couple of admin things…

First of all, I found a missing section of What Happens In Vegas. I realized when I posted it that this section was MIA but feared that it had gotten deleted. I did not have the time/energy to rewrite it. And I felt that the scene was so-so without it. But during today’s edit I found it. Out of place (kind of like me in this world). So, I went back and added it.


I posted two new chapters today. Both with the same name. ‘That’ Woman. One in No Strings Attached and the other #ReconciliationTX. They are two pieces of the same puzzle. I recommend reading No Strings Attached first, then #ReconciliationTX. It fills in a blank.

There is only one more chapter, and perhaps an Epilogue to go for Jon and Alicia’s HEA (Happily Ever After). I hope to post that this week. Otherwise, Monday, for sure.

The next few days we will be hanging in the City of Angeles with Jo and Donovan. We need to catch up with their backstory before we head back to Reconciliation, Texas next week. We still have a couple more characters to introduce before the pace of the story can pick up. I will warn you that one character won’t appear until well into this story though. Don’t you just love/hate my teases?

If you are following me on Twitter, you’ll see that I am taking a bit of a break from social media, especially Twitter. Current events, especially in the UK, have gotten to me. So, I am avoiding all news. And living my own HEA in our #HomeCrazzyHome. Speaking of which, I have medicinal flowers to plant and tomatoes to transplant.

Goddess protect and bless us all,

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