Yes, in the words of Stacey and Rose’s favorite singer…

Stacey’s Theme Song

I am not back to myself. So, I have planned a light week.


Yes, I finished #TroubleTexasStyle.

I’m a bit pissed that I was feeling so crappy that I could not enjoy the thrill and sense of accomplishment. But oh well, the ‘fat lady’ (that would be me) ain’t sung in the little bitty piss-ant country town of Sebida, Texas. Not yet, anyway.

I should edit and post the final chapter of #TroubleTexasStyle on Thursday. Then begin #ReconciliationTX next Monday. Yes, I am excited, too.

And if you have not noticed yet, I have begun editing and posting another of my stories – No Strings Attached. Yes, that means I need to finish the damned thing. Where I left off only had a couple of missing chapters. And I need to write those. Cause if you ain’t figured it out yet… Jon Tyler is J. T.’s baby brother.

J. T. will be one of the main characters in #ReconciliationTX. Though his story might not be what you expect. But he and their mother have a wedding to attend, remember? That’s just one of the Chekhov’s guns you’ll be seeing again in the coming weeks or months. Goddess, please, not years.

I have also been updating my Pinterest. I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it. I’m using it to post the stock images (purchased legitimately) for my books. The people and places, as I see them anyway, in my stories, along with character snippets and links. I still have a couple of places to update for #TroubleTexasStyle but I think the main characters all have profiles now. I will move on to #ReconciliationTx next. (I have no idea why that shows two Bebes and even less of an idea how to change it.)

I’m also going to be more faithful to update my Twitter and Facebook accounts this time. So, if you like social media, then check out my Contact page.

Next month is… #CampNaNoWriMo. My goal is complete edits to #TroubleTexasStyle. Yes, that means putting the whole damned thing into the correct order – in one long ass book. The verdict is still out on whether or not it will be as long as Game of Thrones, but it’s damned close.

All while continuing to write #ReconciliationTX and the Apocalypse. Oh, and grow my own. Keep our @HomeCrazzyHome running. Care for my brilliantly autistic daughter. And never, ever let him forget the romance… Cause I’m a woman. And maybe a bit Crazzy.

I want to end with a little bit of something serious today. A subject that has concerned me for years, but which had become even more salient in the past couple of weeks. One which I hope that my readers will weigh in on. That subject is…


There are elements of that story which have troubled me for some time. Including cyber stalking, kidnapping, and rape/non-consent. I have re-written it, including new material to tone it down, several times. Nonetheless, in the world in which we live, I have grave reservations about the message it sends. Well, some of them. I still stand by the poly and modernity themes. Heck, there are elements of stalker-ish behavior with Rex and my beloved Brent.

Even my older daughter, the feminine studies graduate, once pointed out to me the thin line between romantic and stalker. If you look at this genre as a whole or rom-coms, I’m not sure we always get it right.

So, I’m taking this to the source – you, the reader. Do I stick some warning labels on those books? Do I take Njörður’s down completely? Do I try yet again to tone it down? Maybe as with everything else I write about…there is no right answer. But one thing I don’t ever want to be is part of the problem. As Stacey told her girls…

This has to stop… To stop hiding, to speak our truth, and to stand together with other women. To say – no more.”

No More, Trouble Texas Style

If we want a world where it is safe for us, our daughters, and everyone to walk the streets, we need to ask these hard questions. And be willing to look at the person in the mirror and say, ‘I got it wrong. Time to change.’

I know that some of you won’t feel comfortable making your feelings public in comments, though you are welcome to do so. I want to remind you that my email is always open to respectful dialogue. Please feel free to contact me at:

If I do decide to remove those stories, I will give you notice so that you can download the PDFs for your private reading. I guess, that would be a few more continuation books that I would not need to write. Or at least publish.

Thank you all for your comments, your well wishes, and your continued support.

May the goddess bless us all with #Reconciliation (even those of us no longer in Texas),

2 thoughts on “Survivor

  1. So, I think this genre (erotica, romance) is a place for fantasy. And there are no rules in fantasy, right? We read fantasy to live out the parts of ourselves that we may never live in real life. I think you can keep Njordur’s with a very detailed warning about content. Content warnings are so commonplace now. I think they’re particularly useful for erotica/fantasy. I also think you could use any new chapters/stories you write in Njordur’s for the characters to come to grips with the origins of their love story (i.e, cyber stalking and kidnapping). There’s room in the story for all the characters to explore their choices (Kirsty and the men).

    I’m probably a little biased because the Njordur’s trilogy is my favorite and I hope you continue it. But I also think this genre is one of the few spaces left where we can truly be ourselves. Where we can speak out loud the parts of ourselves that may be outside the norm or, dare I say, kinky. Like you always write, your kink is not my kink. And my kink is not your kink. I think there’s room for Njordur’s kink in the modern world.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Alan agrees with you. And much of the story has already been about coming to grips with all of it. When I discussed it with him, his comment was…so pretty much like all relationships?

      I definitely need to put some work into a strong warning label though.

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