Good News…and Bad?

I did it. This morning, I finished #TroubleTexasStyle. I wrote the final scene.

Alan knows my passwords and will post it no matter what happens.

On Wednesday, I had my first dose of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. I have no been able to lift my left arm since that evening. Nor to get my temperature below 101 since yesterday. Maybe I’m a drama queen…

But this shit is why I don’t trust government. Especially as being told it was safe, then two days later the news breaks that the UK government is retesting 1.7 million doses for – stability? What the fuck is that?

Most of you probably won’t even see this post due to censorship. But I love ya’ll and appreciate your support. I hope this blows over and I’m back next week to writing. There’s so much shit still in my head.

Goddess bless and protect us all,

7 thoughts on “Good News…and Bad?

  1. Hi Tara, every woman I know who’s had the vaccine, regardless of the manufacturer, has had the same reaction. None of the men have though surprisingly. Thankfully it’s eased after 48hrs so hopefully you will be right as rain by tomorrow. Take care xx

      1. Haha. There’s nothing worse than feeling poorly though. I’m praying I don’t feel the same when I have mine especially with a 2yr old Tasmanian Devil running around. It’s bad enough that I’ve been off work for a year today. Fingers crossed these jabs allow us to get back to some form of normality. There’s nothing like light at the end of the tunnel xx

      2. Sending you good vibes and best wishes. Hug that Tasmanian Devil tight. It doesn’t last forever. Then you’ll be like me, looking back and wondering where all the years went. Good bless you and yours. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your support.

  2. I saw the post. Take it easy and don’t freak out. I know that’s easier for me to say than you to do.

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