Another Monday Morning…

And it’s honestly been a hellish weekend.

It was Mother’s Day here in the UK. And as I said, a young woman was murdered in London by a sitting police officer. Who it turns out had already been reported for exposing himself.

If that was not enough the London Met threatened organizer of a memorial service for the young woman with huge fines and jail time. They cancelled the gathering.

But I’m sure you know people came anyway.

And the police that wore that same uniform as a murderer manhandled and arrested women.

So, obviously, Sebida, Texas ain’t the only place with crooked cops.

But what was more upsetting was the misogynistic Tweets about it. I reported and blocked five men yesterday.

This young woman’s body was found three days after International Women’s Day. Her mother did not receive a call or card from her daughter this year…and she never will again. No grandchildren. And those women with knees in their backs from the buddies of a murderer spent the day in a London jail. Hopefully, safe.

It’s time, folks.

Time to end the hate.

Not just against women.

Or blacks.

Or Latinos.

Or gays or trans.

Or the neurodivergent.

But against it all.

We can’t keep picking and choosing which -isms and -phobias we will tolerate. Because hate is a cockroach. If you see one, the others are hiding in the wall.

As for me…

I’ll keep writing my truth whether anyone reads it or not. I’m raising a kick-ass and turned-on woman-child. And I’m trying to feed the world, or my corner of it. I’m off here now to do more of that.

The wind blew over my green house last week. Yeah, global warming is real. I don’t need Doc to tell me that. The violence of these storms has grown even over the past couple of years. I need to go secure it…again.

Hang in there with whatever you’re facing. Humanity has made it this far. I’m not throwing in the towel just yet. And I hope you won’t on me either.

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