No, I am not abandoning #TroubleTexasStyle. No, I would never cheat on Alan. Or beat @PanKwake.

But in addition to my penchant for alien romances, my other weekend passion is disaster movies. The world came to an end almost half-a-dozen times this weekend. by various different, and ridiculously cheesy ways. Black matter burned a hole all the way through the Earth. The molten core stopped turning. Oh, and we almost froze to death.

Is it any wonder then that I have written my own Apocalypse series? (And watching some of those movies, I have to humbly admit, I think mine is better.)

But here is another confession, one that no writer is supposed to make (just as no parent ever should)…

Dr. Brent Jacobs may be my favorite hero.

Yeah, I know I write loads of honorable and tortured souls. Men and women who have dedicated their lives to their country, even when they come to question why. And I’ve written a few with super-human abilities.

But what makes Brent special to me is his dedication to the woman he loves and his family. Unlike Rex, whose ‘gifts’ allowed him to recognize Jaycee immediately, or Ryan’s golden gut, or Will’s and Reb’s special sense, Brent is all too human. Nonetheless, he shows the same dedication to Lauren as if he ‘knew.’

He isn’t falsely noble or self-sacrificing either. No one needs to convince this man that this is the woman for him. Or that he deserves happiness. He is all in, from the beginning to the end. Never giving up, even when she gave up on him.

And he’s not the strong, silent type, shy or worried about revealing how he feels about her. He puts it all out there. He takes the risk of being vulnerable. And he fights for what he wants.

Yes, he says some of the sappiest shit I’ve read (other than from my aliens, who also have that sixth sense about their mates). I have heard both men and women say that makes men ‘weak.’ Especially in the alternative life-style. Give me a dollar for every time, I’ve heard that Doms don’t show their feelings like that, and I’d be able to take a nice holiday.

But, honestly, in my opinion, that’s what makes a real hero. Being willing to be vulnerable, and saying how you feel does not make a man (or woman) weak. It makes them real.

After a life-time of those ‘strong, silent types,’ ‘real men,’ and ‘twu Doms,’ let me tell you the sexist thing on this earth is seeing that soft, twinkle in the eyes of your partner, hearing those three-not-so-little words, and knowing just where you stand with another person.

Not an alien. Or a shape-shifter. Or some paranormal super-hero. But a man, a real man, who gives his all every single day. Even when you falter and don’t or can’t.

So, hell, yeah, Dr. Brent Jacobs gets me hot.

Though not as hot as having it sleeping upstairs. So, I think it’s time I became a heroine and go show my real-life hero how much I appreciate ‘real men.’

Oh, yes, your next chapter of #TroubleTexasStyle is up now. I am working towards that second climax (yes, books, like women and men, can have more than one). I have finished posting Solid Ground, including the PDF version. And obviously, I have begun posting the next book in my Apocalypse series. The story of plain-old human love that doesn’t give up…despite the odds.

So, I hope you’ll take the time to check out Rings of Fire and let me know what you think about my cheesy sci-fi hero/crazzy scientist that’s out to save his family…and the world. I’ll be posting a new chapter every day. And once that is done, I’m going to pick up the story…

Off here, and up those stairs, until next time…

May you be blessed with ‘real’ love, whether that be from a human partner, your offspring, friends, or especially yourself. That’s the most important one of all, because without it, it’s hard to appreciate all those others. As Joy Danvers said… “Nothing done in love can ever be wrong.” Even with those aliens, shape-shifters, and psychics – but you gotta email all the dirty details if that’s your Fate.

Goddess bless you with love,

2 thoughts on “Confessions…

  1. I adore Brent Jacobs, but your best hero, in my opinion, is Sergeant Mike. I just love him. Tireless, brave, real…I cant wait to see what happens in Reconciliation, Texas. Brent is absolutely a favorite, along with Mikael. I like your male protagonists a lot. Keep on charming us!

    1. I love Sergeant Mike. I just want to hit him upside the head. He’s been told over and over again that love is the only thing that’ll save you. Hell, her own son was playing friggin’ matchmaker before he died…and as he died. And he still doesn’t think he’s worthy? But yeah, I understand why… Don’t make him no easier to write though.

      Hope you keep lovin’em all.

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