The End?

Yes, we are approaching the end of #TroubleTexasStyle. But not as close as we were. Yes, I went and added more chapters to the bloomin’ outline. Even then, we should be finishing up this part of the story in next couple of weeks.

And I am almost finished with posting Solid Ground, too. In fact, today’s chapter featured Doc, better known as Dr. Brent Jacobs, the hero of the next book in the Apocalypse series, Rings of Fire. I will begin editing and posting that next week/month.

Actually, Brent Jacobs is very roughly based on another scientist, astro-physicist, sci-fi author, and TV personality, Travis Taylor. I first saw him in National Geographic’s When Aliens Attack. Come’on, what woman can resist a sexy, good ole’ boy with a Ph.D. after his very Southern sounding name?

So was born Brent Jacobs. Though he studies volcanoes instead of aliens and spaceships, both look damned good in flannel shirts. And both are devoted husbands and fathers who would do whatever it took to keep their families safe.

I am especially excited as I begin edits on Rings of Fire and writing in both #ReconciliationTX and the as yet unnamed book 2 in the Apocalypse series. When I wrote Rings, I was just beginning to become involved in the sustainability movement. I had not heard the word – permaculture. But, I had this Crazzy idea of an eco-village that Brent builds for post-Apocalypse. It was all just rough ideas back then (almost a decade?).

Now, I am much more aware of many techniques, alternative technologies, and the ethos behind such things. It is another of my passions. While I can only dream of living in a sustainable, tiny house in the woods (Alan and @PanKwake are city slickers and techies who need fast fiber optic internet), I do the best that I can in a small city. We have an urban farm and homestead. And while it is as dormant as my garden right now, I have another blog on the topic – HomeCrazzyHome.

If it all seems a little #prepper madness to you, I’ll admit to a bit of confusion myself. I do believe that this pandemic has only shown deeply entrenched chasms in our society. Our economies are exceedingly fragile, especially for those already on the edge of poverty. Our politics is deeply flawed, based largely on the assumption as Grace and Plato said of ‘justice is for the stronger.’ The richer, the more powerful, and sadly, most often the whiter.

And above all that…we cannot continue to abuse the planet we live on.

Which, of course, is the premise of the Apocalypse series. That the Earth will hit back. Perhaps she already is.

But where my beliefs differ from those of preppers and dystopian writers is…I believe that we have the capacity to do better. That cooperation and compassion as much human qualities as greed and hubris. That is how I try to live my life and a brighter future that I try to portray in my writing.

Yes, when it comes to these stories, perhaps I am pushing my agenda. But I do not believe it is a political agenda. Frankly, I have not seen any political party in the UK or US willing to go to bat for these Crazzy ideas. Probably because they would place too much power in the hands of the people. I believe that the biggest reason the media, government, and education all focus on the negative is because fear is the easiest way to control others.

But hope sets us free. And there is loads to be hopeful about. There are new technologies for renewable energy, cleaning our planet, and healing our souls as well as our bodies. There is a re-emergence of traditional and holistic methods of farming, healing, and education.

One of my Crazzy beliefs is in the prophecy of the condor and eagle. I believe that we are seeing that now. And I know that it is not too late. I believe that I can leave this world a better place.

How that comes about? Well, perhaps, these stories that will be working on in the coming weeks are a perfect juxtaposition of our options…

Continue as we have, face the consequences, and re-build a better world from the ashes and snow.

Or…listen to the voices screaming within us all. And build that better place right where you are in this moment in time.

I am going with the latter, but preparing for the former.

See, you all on Monday with the next episode of #TroubleTexasStyle and to begin…

Until then, goddess bless and keep you all,

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