Almost There…

Believe it or not, folks, the day we thought would never come is almost there. Yes, I can see the end of…

I said that we would be done by Spring Equinox. That is pretty certain. Goddess willing and the creek don’t rise. But I might be finished with writing as soon as March 1st. Then on to Reconciliation Texas.

But there is more in this world than Sebida. And more people inside my Crazzy head. This week, I have also begun updates on Njörður’s Trilogy. I have finished the…

buttons in…

Kirsty Dickens has spent twenty-six years trying to be the ‘good girl.’ But she was never thin enough, smart enough, or talented enough to win her mother’s love. She could not even manage to hold onto the ‘right’ man.

But her ex-boyfriend’s parting gift to her is getting her into deep trouble with those erotic romance stories of Viking brothers who kidnap their wife. Yes, singular. One wife with brothers. If that is not bad enough, there is spanking, rope, and all kinds of other kinky stuff in those stories.

But that’s just fiction. Those kinds of things don’t happen in the ‘real’ world, not in modern London, right?

I hope to finish Njörður’s Bride this weekend. Of course, I have not yet edited Njörður’s Wife. That may take a couple of months.

Because I have another series yet to upload. Apocalypse begins with Solid Ground, originally titled The Arrangement at Lit. I hope to begin posting a chapter per day, maybe more next week. Then I will edit and post Book 2 Rings of Fire in March. I hope to continue the series alongside Reconciliation.

Yes, I know that is a lot. Perhaps a bit confusing. But I am excited about the possibilities. And thank you all for joining me on this adventure.

So, spend your weekend catching up. Whether that is this week’s chapters/episodes of #TroubleTexasStyle or the very naughty escapades of Kirsty and her three husbands in Njörður’s Trilogy. Enjoy and see you Monday.

Goddess bless,

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