So Far, So Good

TGIF? But do weekends make much difference now? When you’re retired? Not so much.

The best news is that Alan FINALLY has his appointment for the vaccine this evening. Since our tests came back negative, we cannot be sure our status. So, we have put everything on hold waiting for this moment.

And it comes just in time. It looks like the sell of his former home is moving forward. We have so much left to do and very little time to gett’er done. Then there is spring cleaning and planting at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

But thanks to that outline, things are plugging along nicely with #TroubleTexasStyle. I am finishing this week with the next four chapters written. That’s because one day this week, I wrote a whole chapter, only to discover that I needed another one before it. That is happening a lot.

The outline is just a rough map and I seem to keep adding stops along the way. I had said I thought we would be finished by the beginning of March. I have to revise that now. But not too much longer – Spring Equinox (March 20th?).

If you’re a bit pissed with the ‘pickle up’ J. T.’s ass. There’s a reason. His is actually one of the storylines in Reconciliation. I don’t want to give too much away. But it does mean that I need to edit and finish another story from my Lit days.

Have you figured it out yet?

James Travis Tyler is that ‘perfect’ big brother of Jon, aka Jonathan Tyler, from No Strings Attached. And we left that story off right at the point that J. T. would have appeared – at his baby brother’s wedding. And when you meet Marianne Buford Walker Tyler, well, you’ll understand.

Of course, we all know that ‘perfect’ people aren’t. They have their secrets and their flaws. And J. T. has spent a lifetime fulfilling other people’s dreams and denying who he is. This case just might crack his carefully crafted mask as the consummate attorney, good husband, father of the year, and aspiring politician.

The question is – can J. T. reconcile who he is with the lies he has been living his whole life? What happens when the truth finally comes out? And those skeletons in the closet can’t be neatly hidden away any more…

But I only want to tease…not give the whole thing away.

Okay, enough teasing. Loads of work to get done. See ya’ll Monday. With more…

Gives ya’ll a chance to catch up on your reading. And oh, I almost forgot. Jon’s story is tied up with another one – Nothing Done In Love. I got it reformatted this week with all those…

So, it is super easy to read, beginning to end. I wanted to get that done for Njörður’s Captive and Njörður’s Bride next week. But with the house, I’m not sure that will happen. I am committed to finishing those types of website updates before I begin Reconciliation though.

This time, I really do need to get my tail in gear and get more work done. Thanks for all your support.

Goddess bless,

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