Blessed Imbolc

If you aren’t aware of what that is, it it the traditional Celtic holiday that marks the beginning of spring.

@PanKwake playing in the snow a couple of weeks ago

Considering it snowed here yesterday, that may seem strange. But Imbolc is roughly the mid-way point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. In Wales and parts of north-west England famous for their sheep, it also marks the beginning of the lambing season.

And despite the snow, there are some signs of spring already…

Meanwhile, in Sebida, Torreon, the Hill Country, and Agartha, things continue to spiral out of control. Yes, sometimes even out of my control. I am NOT pleased with one turn this story took last week. But it is true to the nature of the characters and provides moer material for Reconciliation. C’est la vie!

But I am pleased at the progress being made. I don’t begin this week quite as far ahead as last. At this point, I am only three chapters ahead. Which is ironic, given that until I tried outlining I was only one and sometimes none. I am not complaining.

Especially with all the website updates that I have been working on. As I said on Friday, you should now be able to click straight through from chapter to chapter in #TroubleTexasStyle. What do ya’ll think about the logo I created for the story…

And in other good news…

I finished editing and uploading Shared Burdens, Book 3 in my Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour series.

I also updated the website to highlight this popular series on par with Trouble.

What is more, I have added

So that the full series is easily navigated from beginning to end. Well, end is not quite right since I plan to continue the series.

I hope this pleases those Lit fans who asked when is the next part coming out. Unfortunately, Shared Burdens had been rejected there because it included duplicate material. But even if you have read Esther’s Story, there is loads of new material in this expanded version that includes both Mike’s and Esther’s points of view.

In addition, to continuing our story, this week I hope to update My One and Nothing Done In Love to make them as easy to navigate from chapter to chapter.

And yes, today’s chapter of Trouble Texas Style is posted…

Well, I better get off here and get to the rest of my work for today.

Goddess bless,

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