More Changes?

Yes, yes, I know. You came here looking for more of Trouble Texas Style and I’m running my big mouth. Again. Don’t worry, there is more #TroubleTexasStyle. The next bit is already posted and all of this week’s scenes are written already.

But, I have been getting loads of comments from new readers that are finding it hard to follow the story and find the next chapter. We have discussed this over and over. I knew when I began this whole thing it was a massive experiment. Actually, it reminds me of my #urbanfarm, #homestead, and #permaculture – a never-ending experiment. (If any of that interests you, then check out my other blog HomeCrazzyHome.)

This is just the latest in that ongoing saga. I still have not concurred website design. But I am hoping this will be an improvement.

I have reorganized the #TroubleTexasStyle page to be more chronological. It is NOT in perfect order as I have only placed the existing chapters from the four books in rough order. There is loads of overlap in there. But someone has volunteered to go through it all and attempt to make more sense of it.

So, what the heck does any of that mean or matter? Especially this late in the game.

I should be finished with Trouble Texas Style by March 1st. Goddess willing and the creek don’t rise. A couple of weeks ago, I did something that I have only done once before – I outlined the damned thing.

No, I am not turning into one of those Plotter writers with diagrams, notebooks, and post-it-notes all over the place. Sometimes more information/pages than the book itself.

But I am softening on my Pantser style. (A Pantser is a writer who just sits down and writes. They get that name because we fly y the seat of our pants.)

I might though be transitioning into more of a Plantser – a mix between the two (and totally what I am in my other life with my #growyourown). Having a sentence or two for each scene to remind me of what comes next has rocked. I keep the outline open and check each morning for what I am writing that day.

Of course, in true Pantser style, I have already changed it a couple of times. And I really don’t like the turn that the story wants to take next. It breaks my heart and touches too close to home. But, I’ll probably follow the muse anyway.

Outlining also makes it much harder for writer’s block to take over. Heck, I’m probably going to do quite a bit of it outlining for Reconciliation Texas.

For now, I am just trying to make Trouble Texas Style as easy to follow as possible. I have put it into that VERY rough order and over the next couple of days, I will be adding Read Next buttons at the bottom of each chapter that links to the next.

I hope that when my new editor friend finishes it will all be neater and make much more sense. Then I will repost it all.

But I am still experimenting with the best ways to highlight my full body of works. If you aren’t familiar with any of my other stuff, you can find complete and edited versions of other stories on my Books page. I will be adding to those, and probably reorganizing that as well.

I hope ya’ll will hang in there with me. I know all these changes can be irritating for those that have followed me from the beginning. I apologize. But I want to make it as easy as possible for new readers to find what they are looking for.

Well, I better get off here and get some real work done. Carrots and peas don’t plant themselves…actually they can, but I ain’t there yet.

So, don’t forget to keep coming back for your Monday to Friday dose of #TroubleTexasStyle.

Goddess bless,

2 thoughts on “More Changes?

  1. Tara, So now I read blog posts and see my anonymous name.  Wow!!!  Talk about responsibility. And about the only serious thing in this message is HELLO!!!

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