TTS – Volume 8

Ryan, Laura, and baby Chloe in pool

At long last, we return to our friends – with a bit of sweet, naughty delight…

Ryan drew back the string of the crossbow. He was just about to release it.

“Hey, Laura needs you back at the house.”

He turned to see Jaycee wrapping herself around his cousin, the way that Grandfather’s old barn cat loved to twine about your leg. Except Rex did not mind, the way they usually did with Old Mother.

“Is everything alright?” He knew that Chloe had been fussy the past few days. He hoped their daughter was not coming down with anything. It was a real fear since they had not felt it safe enough to have her seen by a pediatrician. And with this new virus taking hold, any parent would be concerned.

“Relax, my son. I am sure that whatever your woman needs you will have.”

He stared from Jaycee to Grandfather to his cousin. He did not appreciate the knowing smiles on their faces, as if he were the brunt of some inside joke.

Rex reached out and took the bow from his hands. “Just go see what she needs.”

“Yeah, I’m taking this bunch out for a picnic lunch,” Jaycee held up a wicker basket as her daughter bounced from foot to foot with glee.

“We’ll be gone at least a couple of hours,” Rex slapped him on the back.

Ryan considered probing deeper to find out what these people knew about the situation that he did not. But it would probably be easier to get his answers from the source. Besides, he had had just about enough of target practice and his cousin’s advice for the day. He turned and heading back to the old log cabin.

Even though he was sweaty, he headed straight to the bedroom they were sharing. Perhaps Laura needed him to take a fussy Chloe for a bit? She seemed to have recovered nicely from the birth, but he hated that they had not dared to contact her midwife.

Sure, he realized that women birthed babies for centuries before there were pediatricians or doctors. He knew too that around the world, many still did. But not his woman or his child. Damn, he hated the decisions they had been forced to make.

He pushed open the door as quietly as he could. The first thing he saw was a sleeping baby in her Mose’s basket. What he noticed next took his breath away and sent his cock into overdrive. Laura laid on their bed. Naked. One hand was kneading her fuller breast. If that was not enough, the other was buried between her legs.

“Fuck, woman. Are you trying to kill me?”

She half sat up. The hand that had been between her legs, hell, the finger that had massaged her clit, went to her lips. He groaned, “Shh, don’t wake the baby.”

“Let me get a shower…”

She shook her head, “No, we don’t know how long Chloe will stay asleep. I don’t want to waste a moment. Besides, I intend to get you nice and sweaty anyway.”

Ryan’s hand went to the button on his old fatigues. “I like the sound of that. Of course, I intend on getting you nice and wet with my tongue where this finger was.” He reached out and brought her hand to his lips, suckling gently. His eyes never left hers.

“As nice as that is, I’m afraid that won’t fill the ache inside of me.”

“Soon, baby, soon, I will most definitely be happy to fill whatever and wherever you need filling.”

His mind and his cock both almost exploded as those dainty hands slipped inside his half-open pants and wrapped about him. “Not soon, Ryan. Now. I need you now. I want you to fuck me.”

He groaned so loudly that he looked over to the wicker basket, afraid he had awakened their daughter. “Laura, you are killing me now. You know how much I want that. But…”

“No butts. If you want me half as much as I need you, then shut up, counsellor, and fuck me.”

He bent over and took her lips. Lips that had explored every bit of his body these past weeks. Lips that tasted of sweet innocence and dark passion. Heat exploded between them as it always seemed to. He got lost in it and the feel of her hand on his cock. She drew him forward until he rested on the bed beside her.

His hands found her breasts, and he groaned into her mouth as he felt the wetness seep around his fingers. Before he realized what was happening, Laura rolled him onto his back and rose over him. She broke the kiss as she leaned forward and began rubbing her nipples across his lips.

Ryan did not need to be asked twice. Over the past month since that first day in the shower, he had become addicted to her sweet milk. While he might not need the sustenance the way their child did, he was thrilled that the bounty was enough to share.

Her nipple slipped from his mouth, but her milk continued to spray, hitting Ryan in the nose and shocking him almost as much as the slick heat that Laura slowly lowered down his throbbing cock. His hands gripped her hips, and his mind warred with itself. Did he halt her movements or aid them?

When he glanced up, his heart stalled at her sheer beauty. Her head was thrown back, and those dark eyes closed, her lips parted slightly. The look on her face was half intense concentration, almost as if working on a legal brief, and part absolute ecstasy.

He searched for any sign of discomfort or pain but could not see any. The need to protect her weighed even more heavily than the physical demands of his body that screamed for him to shut the fuck up and just enjoy this moment. “Are you okay, sweetheart?”

Those dark eyes opened and stared into his as she shook her head. Her hair danced about her shoulders and face, “No.”

His fingers gripped her hips more tightly. Ryan tried to halt her movements, to keep her body from sinking further down his hard cock. “Laura, we should stop then…”

Her answer was to thrust her hips further down, to engulf his flesh completely. Ryan was powerless to stop the groan that welled up deep in his soul from escaping. Her next words were the sweetest he ever heard, “If you stop now, counsellor, I’ll sue you for breach of contract.”

Laura leaned forward and captured his mouth in a soul-searing kiss. As her hips began a rhythm that he was powerless to fight. “Shut the fuck up and fuck me.”

“Oh, I intend on it, sweetheart.”

The way her inner muscles contracted around him curled Ryan’s toes. “You do that again, and this won’t last long.”

Laura slid her finger down where their bodies joined as she leaned forward and offered him her tits once more. “That might be for the best this first time. But first, suck my tits and fuck me deep until I come all over that delicious cock of yours.”

Ryan had been with one or two women who liked dirty talk, but Laura’s relatively mild words were the sweetest and kinkiest he had ever heard. How could he deny her anything? He lifted his hips and caught the tempo of their dance as he returned to sucking her sweet nectar.

He could tell she was close. Hell, he was too. Too close. So the sudden contraction of those muscles around his cock left him powerless to hold back. He felt like some stupid virgin kid unable to hold out. But at least the flood of fluids that sucked him deeper affirmed that he had seen to her pleasure first. Laura continued to ride him slowly, drawing out both their pleasures.

Ryan almost whimpered when she pulled back, and her nipple slipped from his mouth as she rolled to his side. “Damn, that might have been a quickie, counsellor, but fuck, how can it be as good with you as I remembered?”

Her words stoked his ego, made him want to pound his chest, and yell like some Neanderthal. But they also affirmed his hopes. They would make it through this all – somehow. And when they did, together they would build a better future. For Chloe, for themselves, and if they were incredibly blessed for any other children they had.

“That’s because someone once told me…nothing done in love can ever be wrong.” Ryan wrapped his arm around her shoulders and drew Laura tighter against him. “I love you, sweetheart. And I intend to spend the rest of our lives showing you that. And proving that each time, quickie or not, will be better than the last.”

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