Deepest Apologies

Yes, I know. I disappeared – AGAIN. You have my deepest apologies.

I am afraid that whatever it was I had (yes, I still believe it was Covid) comes back to haunt me. It zapped my energy for over a week. Even now I am not 100%.

But I do have some good news…

I finished Angel’s Fate before I lost it. So, tomorrow and the next day, I will edit and post those final chapters for you. Even if a bit late.

I also have the next chapter in #TroubleTexasStyle ready to post after that.

Then, I will do my best to more consistent. But I do feel that this may happen again. I believe that full recovery may take months. So, please bear with me.

Oh, and I am also editing and posting Shared Burdens, Book 3 in my Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour series.

I have just posted Chapter 2 to it. If you need a quick fix of Tara’s #LiteraryErotica, that might hold you until tomorrow.

I would spend the rest of the morning editing and uploading stuff, but unfortunately real-life calls. I fell behind in housework too while I was not feeling well. So, I am spending goddess only knows how long today putting together a new bed for Her Royal Highness @PanKwake. Because she managed to break her other new bed – in less than a month.

Until tomorrow, goddess bless and keep you all,

10 thoughts on “Deepest Apologies

  1. Thank you for checking in. Other than that, take your time getting through this stuff. Your writing is well worth waiting for and you need to take care of yourself, your family and a broken bed.

    1. It took us all day to get her old-new bed down and the new one up. But we finally conquered it.

      As with writing the last part was the hardest. Getting that final siderail on was a real ^&*£$. But we managed in the end. Without fighting too.

      Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

      1. Two thoughts.

        Without fighting? You are a better soul than I am.

        And I notice the website calls these “thoughts” instead of and as well as “comments.” I like the “thoughts” concept. That’s what they are, and while this is a comment on a comment and the comments section of the web site, it is more a thought. Or two.

    1. Thank you.

      @PanKwake (who does Gotcha stories) asked me a great ‘would you rather’ question yesterday. Get all my stories out of my head and into the world or have my favorite stories perfect.

      Once upon a time, I might have strove for perfection, but right now…I just want to finish this stuff.

      I have even considered allowing others to edit them for me. So I can focus only on the writing. That is a HUGE thing for me.

    2. This has nothing to do with the story. I noticed that ccmegantx is a baker. I have a question. I told Tara what I needed and asked her to forward my question to you, but she doesn’t have your email. She does have mine and I respect privacy concerns. If you would contact her she can forward my request, with my email, privately. Nothing sinister, just a question.


  2. Perfection is a goal, not an accomplishment or a destination. Now, you can determine for yourself if that is something to consider or just the rationalizing of an old man who has never been close to the goal.

    None of your characters are perfect. That’s why you love them. That’s why we love them.

    As for editing, I’d be more than happy to help if I need.

      1. ?????
        You love Sheriff Kerr????

        I mean, I understand the creator’s love for all her creations. But Sheriff Kerr? C’mon.


      2. Oh, but even he has a back story. Remember there is a tiny spot of light in even the darkest sky. Just as much as there is darkness in even the most self-actualized soul.

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