The Latest…

I’m alive. That’s the good news.

I still feel like shit. Off and on low-grade fever. Negative energy. Brain fuzz. And his cough is getting worse. Much worse at night.

We finally got tested. It was negative. I figured mine would be. My gag reflex is much too strong to get an accurate test. (I know I popped some bubbles there. But I have never been able to deep throat…except in my writing.)

What we did not know when we took but have since discovered from two reliable sources (a nurse who had it and a scientist working on a more reliable test) is that false negatives are high. At least 10% of those whose test come back negative actually have the disease. And that figure could be higher. But no one tells you that shit.

The other good news is that the UK revised its self-isolation policy based upon studies by the WHO (World Health Organization). So, instead, of Alan and I being separated for another four days, we got to sleep together in the same bed last night. The first time in nine days…150% on our previous six nights in four and a half years. But being able to sleep together and get cwtches (hugs/cuddles in Welsh) will improve my mental health. So, that’s something right.

So, where do I go from here?

This morning, I managed to restore DollTopia (my study/writing room) to its former self from a temporary bedroom. Yesterday, I wrote a bit, but a new story. Both it and the continuation of Angel’s Wish are centered around the pandemic. I find it shocking that more writers are not including such a major event in our history in their stories. But I suppose given the long lead time for publishing that is not surprising.

From isolation room to writing oasis…not bad for a morning’s work?

I have been accused in the past of ‘pushing my views and liberal agenda.’ Well, frankly, you ain’t seen nothing yet, folks. I believe that we stand at the cross roads of our future. The path that we take from here will determine not our futures (not even you 20-somethings) but our grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and those after them. This was just a minor wake-up call from Mother Nature.

And as I have said in the past, I believe that it is the job of writers to draw a blueprint to the future. Where we are today is in many ways a result of the writers of the recent past. They eloquently painted a bleak picture of a powerless masses who blindly followed charismatic leaders to the demise of this world.

What they all failed to do was offer us an alternative. A different path that led to peace and more just world. And the few that did try were dismissed as idealist and unrealistic. Is it any surprise then the dark times and ‘reality’ in which we find ourselves?

But I believe there are better ways. What’s more, I believe that the choices we make as individuals and small groups of ten to fifty individuals can and do make significant impacts. Perhaps not today or tomorrow. For someone my age, not even in my lifetime.

We did not get into this position overnight and despite technological advances, we will not be able to clean our oceans, restore our rainforests, and create a more egalitarian society in the next twenty to fifty years. But early adopters can create examples, models, and blueprints for others to follow. Until we reach a critical mass, which is surprisingly not as large a percentage of the population as you believe.

So, from now on, I’m not holding back. I’m drawing a future that I believe is possible. In all my stories.

Right now, my plan is to return to editing Angel’s Wish tomorrow…and to continue writing the new material that goes with it. But I have not abandoned #TroubleTexasStyle. In fact, you’ll find a few surprises and a couple of friends in the new material of Angel’s Wish. This project may take until Christmas.

I do plan to return to Trouble in the new year. And move on to the good stuff once I have sent a few people on to the next life. In Reconciliation, you’ll get to continue the story of old friends, learn more about them, meet some new ones, and watch them rebuild their towns (yes, plural).

But 2021 will see me return to some old stories as well. Because there is not just one way forward. There are many paths and many truths. I am still figuring out the exact how on my website. In some ways, it was easier at that other place. I could have several stories going at once and people find the ones that they connected with and ignore others. I don’t want things so complicated that you can’t find or follow the ones you want, though.

What else do I plan to work on?

We’ll be return to my Apocalypse story with my Navy SEAL buddies from The Arrangement and mad scientists from Rings of Fire. Kristy, Sven, Mikhail, and Bjorn still have some unfinished business, too. As do some of their friends and don’t forget Rachel/Petrine and Olaf are traveling the world. And one experimental story especially close to my heart is The Goddess Chronicles. It is one of my more ‘raunchy’ tales, but its message is personal. Speaking of which, you have not seen the last of Nothing Done In Love either.

Bottom line, I better quit letting Covid, or this flu that is unlike any other I have ever had, or depression, or some darkness kick my ass. I better go clean my kitchen and do my best to find my way back to me.

That’s what I hope for all of you, too. To discover you and your purpose in 2021 and beyond. I know my parts and believe we all have a role to play.

Goddess bless, protect & heal you and yours,

2 thoughts on “The Latest…

    1. Thanks, Art. It wass the first Welsh word I learned. Not that I know that many even after four and a half years here. My dyslexia makes learning languages virtually impossible. But it is still my favorite word.

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