Long Time Coming…

Those are not words that usually spring from my lips.

But in this case, they are true. After over two weeks of struggling, the next chapter of #TroubleTexasStyle is posted. It is another in Reb and Stacey’s struggles to come to terms with their past.

My apologies, this chapter has been finished for over a week now. I was putting off editing because I feared that it was a mess and needed almost completely rewriting. Yet when I opened it this morning, I was surprised at just how little work actually needed to be done to it.

The good news is…

In that time, I have already written the next chapter in the story. It just needs to be sent to my translator and then edited. Hopefully, this weekend sometime? Certainly by early next week.

So, where are we in the story?

All of the players have reached their destinations. They have begun to establish their relationships to one another. It is if you will, the calm before the storm.

This next chapter will unleash the first winds and waves of that storm that will sweep them all into a chaos that will try and test the bonds of those burgeoning relationships. But even more than that, this storm will stretch the core values and ethos of each and everyone of them, calling into question all that they believe about themselves, truth, right, and wrong.

I don’t think they are alone in that journey. Most of us find ourselves in similar circumstances. Where everything we think we know is in doubt. That is not a comfortable place for our characters or ourselves.

May the goddess bless and be with each of you in the turbulent days, weeks, and months ahead,

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