Ending on a High Note…

No, calm down. I am not ending this series prematurely. I only meant that I am ending the month of September on a high note.

I finished posting all the remaining chapters of…

Her husbands? Three of them?

It still boggled her mind. Three days ago, she had taken a train from London to Tilbury, simply to have coffee with a man whom she had been messaging for months. A man whom she had met on a social networking site for those interested in BDSM.

BDSM? Bondage…discipline…domination…submission…sadism…masochism.

But for ya’ll, the more exciting news is…

I also edited and posted the next chapter in #TroubleTexasStyle. This one is more of Reb and Stacey at Agartha. For that one…

On a personal note, things are a bit better here. Of course, we all know the world out there is not. It seems to get more insane every day.

But I honestly believe the darkness we face now will not be defeated by a ballot box, protests, bullets, or even the masks that I so willingly wear. The only thing that has any hope against such ignorance and evil is…

Doing the right thing.

Each and every one of us will face that moment. A crossroads in this chaos when we will have to choose sides, because make no mistake, not choosing a side is a de facto choice.

It is not the big things that will light the way through this dark night of despair and injustice. It is the little things. The acts of kindness and mercy towards one another.

For me, my greatest contribution is…

For now, goddess bless and keep you all safe. You are in my thoughts and prayers,

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