That is more than just the title of the most recent chapter in my #TroubleTexasStyle series.

Famalia (family) y amigos (friends) is what I have been doing lately.

While life here in the UK may not be as insane as it is where some of you are, we still face a major pandemic. And my beloved partner is high-risk. Our numbers here have been climbing for the past week and we recognized that another lockdown was coming. So, I have spent much of this week prepping for that. Running errands, shopping, and arranging playdates for @PanKwake before her extroverted self is back in isolation.

That lockdown order came yesterday, and at 6 p.m. tomorrow new rules come into effect. Thankfully not as stringent as the last ones. At least, there is an exemption for my daughter’s companions, though she will need to wear masks. But the isolation won’t be as bad or hopefully as long.

The good news with that is…more time for writing.

Actually, I am over half way into the next chapter already. Another powerful one with Reb and Stacey.

Oh, one note on this chapter: A huge THANK YOU to a dear friend for translation in this chapter. I know it may be a bit confusing for those who do not speak Spanish, but I have done my best to translate or paraphrase within the text. But I felt it important for authenticity to include the Spanish which the Garcias would have spoken to one another.

I wrote that three days ago – when I released the most recent chapter in Ready to Run. But I never hit the publish button.


These past three days have been crap for me.

My local area is in another lockdown because the new cases of Covid are rising again. My partner is high-risk because of asthma.

And all I am hearing is complaining.

About liberties – well, the last I checked it still said, ‘life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.’ Maybe there is some sort of order there? Maybe life comes before liberty?

But I can sort of respect that…even if I disagree.

But the ones who are bitchin’ about inconvenience and just wanting to get back to ‘normal’ while putting others at risk can kiss my a$$.

So, I am avoiding anti-social media. I am committed to continuing to write a better world into existence. Because that is the one thing I can do, and was put here to do.

It is just that right now, I have a bit of Schulz-itis…

So, let me go and finish the next chapter in Goodbye Earl before I say more that I don’t regret.

Goddess bless and keep us all through whatever hell is to come,

3 thoughts on “Familia?

  1. Hang in there.

    Everything one can say is a cliche. We dont know what is going to happen so we are left with a horrible but absolutely correct answer

    Roll up your bloomers, put one arm around him, put your other arm around your daughter, confess your love and hold on tight for the duration.

    Bloomers or sleeves? 🙂

    1. Yes, I do best during isolation anyway. I got more written and my study half cleaned yesterday. Garden today, fingers crossed. Hope you are well.

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