My One…

The latest chapter in my #TroubleTexasStyle series is now posted. It is Chapter 13 – Frenemies of Love in the First Degree. But there is a catch. Rather than focus on our heroes, Ryan and Laura, this chapter centers on Jaycee and Rex from My One. No mroe spoilers though.

Read it yourself…

A couple of weeks ago, I finished major rewrites, editing, and uploading My One (formerly known as Night Walker’s Woman). If you aren’t familiar with it, this is the prequel to Trouble Texas Style. Jaycee and Rex’s love story, though you also are introduced to Grandfather, Angel, Ryan, and Jack.

Though I only finished this story a few months ago, I began it in 2012. If the old adage about writers writing what they know is true, then this is my story. You see in 2012 I was the single mother of a daughter with uncontrolled epilepsy. We had even taken her out of school because of her medical needs. So, even the home education bit is us.

And yes, the scene where Jaycee thinks about SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy) is 100% true. Yes, I woke every couple of hours just to listen to my @PanKwake breath. And I understood to my core the frustrations of doctors, tests, and new drugs that Jaycee and Angel endure.

My One was the therapy of hope that I was not offered to help me manage those stresses. I could write a happy ending for us through them. And I could believe that there was nothing wrong with @PanKwake’s brain.

And I was right about it all…well, except for the shapeshifter bit (but who knows?).

So, eight years later, did we find our HEA (happily ever after)?

Most definitely. @PanKwake has been seizure free for over four years now. But equally as important, she has learned to control the emotional outbursts that Angel had as well. As for her home education, her dyslexia is so severe that it is unlikely she will ever ‘read’ more than a handful of words.

But that does not stop her from following in Mommy’s footsteps and becoming a writer in her own right (pun intended). Yes, without reading more than a handful of words, PanKwake has found ways to her stories through voice to text and Gotcha. Something that I do not believe could have happened in traditional schools.

And as with Jaycee and Angel, so much of our combined successes are because of our hero, who swooped into London on the Great Western Railway and carried us off to beautiful, sunny Swansea, Wales to live in our @HomeCrazzyHome castle.

In this screwed up world, love and stability (or as much as we can find of it) really do make all the difference in our lives. Just see for your self…

And if you have not yet read, Rex and Jaycee’s miraculous love story that started all this Trouble Texas Style, then check it out…

And don’t worry, I won’t keep you waiting much longer for another chapter. I have the next part of Reb’s story already written. And I begin work on Mercy’s visit to her ‘brother’ in Torreon tomorrow.

Thank you again for taking this wonderful adventure with me.

Goddess bless and keep you all,

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