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One of the things that has bothered me lately is that this is my blog. A blog to me is a cross between an article and a journal entry. Whereas this has become, where I post announcements.

Why does that matter?

I follow a few blogs myself. One or two I am faithful to like and/or comment (mostly my autism stuff). Most of those post once a week. I have one who does post every day or two, but the content is new and interesting, much more than…the next chapter is up now. Then, I have a few that irritate the piss out of me. They post several times per day.

But as I have been telling ya’ll – this is a grand experiment. Only one person has successfully given away his stories online. Andy Weir wrote The Martian completely on his blog. He then got a movie and publishing deal. Of course, he took his story down and they sell that shit now.

Which is not me. I might like to see some of my stories as TV series. Heck, I don’t have a problem with charging for ebooks or especially print copies (and I might get to that). But I always want people to have the option to read the stories FREE. But the problem has been…


How do I let ya’ll know when there is a new chapter? I have resorted to posting blog updates. But have not been satisfied with that.

So, I did something that I swore I would not…I went back on Facebook.

Here’s the bottom line…

This is my last announcement (I hope) on this blog. Starting on Friday this goes back to those behind-the-scenes insights, exploration of deeper philosophical issues of society and writing, and the place where I just get to unload whatever is in my mind. This week, I’m gonna answer the question…

WTF is Literary Erotica?

How do you find out when the next chapter is coming out?

I am giving you loads of options on that one…

Twitter @tara_cox_writer – I will post updates there, as well as, share Tweets on the hot topics in this series, promote other writers, have a Song of the Day and a Nightly Writing Quote, and interact with others.

Facebook taracoxwriter – Here is where I will post the kind of stuff that I have been using this blog for. Plus a bit more that I have wanted to share but been afraid to do so. I will do a daily post that tell you how many words that I wrote that day, in which story, and includes a teaser. If you truly want to interact with me, this is gonna be the place to do that.

Tumblr taracoxwriter – This will be an abbreviated version of the FB posts, but still more than the Twitter. And only once per day.

Or of course, just visit here,, I have made Trouble Texas Style my landing page and included a link that goes directly to the latest chapter. One click and you’ll find out if it is new or one you’ve read already.

Why do I do all this?

Because above all else, I just want to write. But it is like that deep philosophical question… if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What is the point of writing if no one reads it? So, I want to get my stories to you as easily as possible.

One final note…

I understand about privacy, especially as my writing will always have an erotic element to it (because sex is the salt of life, it makes even the worst tolerable). My partner is a techie’s techie who has fought his whole career for free software, internet security, and privacy. I do not and will not keep an email list. My settings on Facebook are as high as possible. Bottom line – I do all I can as an individual to always respect your right to privacy.

Okay, now that housekeeping is finished, I can get down to the work of writing and editing. And yes, you can always comment and like here as well. And if you have other suggestions, let me know. You’ll have had some really good ones, such as the date/time stamps on the chapters.

Goddess bless,

2 thoughts on “How to Find Out What’s Happening…

  1. I don’t do social media. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr.

    I do know and use the delete key. It has always been a friend, even with my fat fingers and poor aim.

    I discovered your writing less than 6 months ago. I want to read what you write, be blog or story. I don’t think about it, I see a new email from Tara Cox and i read it. Sometimes it is to somebody else’s comment, and i read that too. Interest by association, I guess

    So you keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading

    1. Thanks, Arthur. Then you have loads to look forward to soon as I bring out the edited versions of old stories.

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