Another Chapter…

I have just posted the most recent chapter in my Trouble Texas Style series. it can be found by…

Or on the Trouble Texas Style page. I have added a section that says, Most Recent Chapter, click the Read Now button and it will take you directly to whatever is the most recent update.

This chapter, We Have To Stop Meeting Like This, is another in Mercy and Will’s story, Ready To Run. They have made it across the border into Mexico now. But has anything gone to plan so far? Why should it start now?

“You weren’t joking when you said you liked your meat.”

Will almost choked on his taco when Mercy’s hand disappeared under the table and gripped his cock through the tight leather pants. “Oh, I most definitely like the taste of meat. I think it is my turn to sample some when we get back to the hotel. So, hurry up and finish your food, City Boy.”

He was in no mood to argue with such wisdom.

Now that is out of the way…

What is coming next?

I have begun updates to my Books page. I have updated it to include all chapters and a PDF dowload of Nothing Done In Love. This is one of my personal favorite stories. I put a lot of myself into Joy Danvers, especially that message…

Nothing done in love can ever be wrong.

Between consenting adults, of course.

If you have not read this one already, I hope you will consider it as you await the next chapter in this series. It is not one of my longer reads, somewhere between a novella and a novel. But fair warning – it deals with mature themes including poly.

I have three more books that have recently been edited. The first two in my Njörður’s trilogy: Njörður’s Captive: Bjⱷrn’s Bargain and Njörður’s Bride: Mikael’s Miracle.

My first completed novel was titled The Arrangement, but it was not until the final chapters that I realized this story was the beginning of a series, the Apocalypse. As you might have guessed, it is about the end of the world. Not by a virus, but a string of cataclysmic volcanic eruptions which plunges our planet into a mini Ice Age. In keeping with the geological names in that series, I have retitled it Solid Ground. This edited version is markedly different from the draft at Lit. So even if you read it there, it might be worth re-reading.

And speaking of prequels, I am working on edits (or I will be as soon as I’m done here) of My One, formerly known as Night Walker’s Woman. This is the prequel, of course, to Trouble Texas Style. It is Rex and Jaycee’s story, though you meet Grandfather, Angel, Ryan, and Jack in it as well.

Once that beginning is posted, I hope that you will share these stories with your friends and family. I believe the messages of love and hope in their pages are something we all need right now.

And, of course, I am working on the next chapter…this one in Goodbye Earl. Ever wonder what type of woman names her son Rebel Zappa Moonchild? Well, you’ll find out when Stacey and Reb arrive at Agartha near Sedona, Arizona. Just because I like teasing…

Celestine Rainbow Moonmother

Writing mature women like Joy Danvers, Rachel/Petrine (Njörður’s), and now Cele is one of my favorite things. I don’t think there are enough positive representation of mature women in books, movies, or television.

Being a young mature woman myself, I don’t think that life gets good until fifty. And with humans living longer, most of us can expect to have thirty or more golden years. It is my goal to show that these woman bring wisdom, maturity, and experience not only to their lives and those around them, but to their life partners as well.

Of course, Stacey isn’t there yet. She is still struggling with too many of her own issues. But who knows what wisdom Cele might impart?

Well, that’s a lot to get done this week. And yesterday was not quite as productive as last week. So, I better get off here and go do some of it.

Goddess bless each and every one of you,

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