Help Me Decide…PLEASE!

Rex Ranger with horses

Okay, so as I get around to updating my Books page (no cheating right now – do not look), one of the first ones that I want to put up is the prequel to Trouble Texas Style.

At Lit, it was called Night Walker’s Woman.

But a couple of years ago, I discovered that Native Americans closest terminology was skinwalker. (Though those legends are shrouded in mystery of which I am NOT privileged.)

Plus…I want to keep with the theme of the titles in this series – country songs. So, as I did with Love in the First Degree (formerly One Night Stand), I am retitling it. I have it down to three choices right now. And I want ya’ll to help me choose…

A reminder of the storyline:

Jaycee is trying to rebuild her life and legal career after a bitter divorce – while caring for a sick child. She has no time or desire for a man to complicate her life. Until the day she steps into a courtroom and confronts…

Rex Ranger has waited his whole life for the one woman whose love can save his soul from the darkness that is inherent with his gifts. But can he convince Jaycee to give love a chance?

  • Rex against a blue sky.
  • Jaycee with Angel
  • Rex Ranger with horses
  • Jaycee Riley holding her daughter

Are you ready now? Here are those three options…

The Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd
The One by Gary Alan
To Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks

So, which do you feel fits this story best…

Keeper of My Stars

My One

Feel My Love

I don’t want to influence the voting but…

Rex’s endearment for Jaycee is Nʉ Sʉmʉ which is Comanche for My One.

Please take a moment to give me your thoughts on this one…

Goddess bless,

10 thoughts on “Help Me Decide…PLEASE!

    1. I hope not. I tried not to be. Though even the best science is biased. And this certainly isn’t rocket science. Thanks for your comment.

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