Happy Dance…

Love in the First Degree - Ryan & Laura with older Chloe

After my intense morning session with WordPress Happiness Engineer Phil, I am happy with my website for the first time since I started this blog seven years ago. I love how crisp, clean, organized, and easily accessible it is.

So, here’s a quick run down of how it works…

Blog page – only shows the most recent six, but you have the option of hitting the load more button or you can go to the archive in the side bar.

Trouble Texas Style – this was the biggie, the one I wanted fixed most. You will notice that the menu is no longer drop down. Instead, all four books are listed with photo icons and a brief blurb. There is a Read More button beneath each one. When you click that, it takes you to that book with a full blurb and all of the chapters that I have posted so far.

  • Tight Fittin' Jeans - Chad & Cassie/Rose
  • Love in the First Degree - Ryan & Laura with older Chloe
  • Goodbye Earl - Stacey & Reb
  • Ready to Run - Mercy & Will

My focus now will be on 1) keeping this story moving along and 2) editing and posting all those old chapters. I have the most recent chapter in the series complete. I will edit and post it later today or first thing tomorrow. I am about half way with those old chapters. So, my goal as I said yesterday, is to finish that by the end of this week. Then it is on to the…

Books – I have not even begun to tackle this one. I counted the other day and I have over ten completed novels and novellas. Four of which have been edited recently and are ready to post. I have been posting them as PDFs but toying with other options as well.

But right now, I need to work on getting this series current and keeping it moving along as if none of this glitch even happened.

Please check out the new Blog and especially Trouble Texas Style pages and let me know in comments what you think, especially any trouble you have with them.

Thank every last one of you for sticking with me. It means a lot.

Goddess bless,

2 thoughts on “Happy Dance…

    1. Until recently, it averaged out to about one a year. But fingers crossed all four of these will be finished on or before December 31st. Thank you so much for the feedback.

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