Goals for This Week…

So, I just added a few more chapters to Love in the First Degree (formerly One Night Stand). I am almost to the starting point in the story timeline where Ready to Run and Goodbye Earl pick up.

And, oh yeah, I finished the next chapter in the series.

I will edit it and post tomorrow. It is also in Love in the First Degree, and it features loads from our old friends Rex and Jaycee. In fact, just because I’m a tease…

“But I know you, cousin. I don’t believe for a second that you did not recognize your mate. But that’s the other advantage or curse of being a skinwalker, we know what is at stake. We know there is only one shot at this. So, when it comes, if it ever does, we fucking take it. No questions asked. Because losing your mate is not an option.”

Rex slipped Chloe’s final arm into the hole and patted her tummy. “I think that ‘golden gut’ as you call it knows that, too. So, for what it is worth, here’s my advice. Forget all those things that society has told you about relationships and love. Forget all the past hurts of your previous relationships. Hell, forget the pains of watching your parents try and fail at it.”

“Then, step out in faith. Forget all those masks. All those things that you’re supposed to be and say and do. And just be you. Be honest. Say what you mean and feel.”

Ryan laughed, “You make that sound so fucking easy, Rex. And what happens when you jump off that cliff and go splat? When she doesn’t return those feelings? When you get hurt? It’s not the same with us ‘mere humans.’”

And tomorrow morning, I have a phone conference with a Happiness Engineer (yes, I lie not, that is the job title) from WordPress. So, goddess willing and the creek don’t rise, I’m going to be making MORE big changes to the website. Hopefully, to make it easier for ya’ll to find stuff.

Oh yeah, my goals for the week, besides posting that next chapter and totally changing the website?

I hope to have all the old chapters edited and posted by the end of this week. Then, ya’ll can send all your friends and they can binge read everything and get caught up.

After that, I tackle the Books page and how I want to manage the dozen completed novels and novellas I have written. See, I do finish stuff.

But for now, it’s bath and bed time. I’ll leave ya’ll with some of my photos from my first day of freedom in almost five months.

If you don’t get enough of my BS here, then my personal blog is HomeCrazzyHome. It contains a bit of everything in our Crazzy world.

Good night and goddess bless you all,

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