Next Chapter Posted

As promised the next chapter in my Trouble Texas Style series has been posted. This one is Chapter 9 – Hard Biscuit to Swallow in Tight Fittin’ Jeans – Chad’s and Rose’s (Cassie) story.

But today it is not just Chad, Rose, and their daughter Cassie. They have a surprise visit from Reb and Stacey (Goodbye Earl). As you might imagine things get a bit tense, or is that intense?

“Now, tell me again, how you’d do anything for your girl? What about all the other mothers and daughters that man destroyed? And you say you didn’t know? How could you not know? You can’t be married to a man, fuck him, and sleep next to him for twenty years and not know something was wrong?”

Rose shook her head as more tears poured down her cheeks, “I knew Gerald was ruthless. Hell, our marriage was the poison pill that my daddy forced on us both to try and stop him from taking over his company. But I swear, I promise on Grace’s life, I never knew the type of things that he and Stephen were involved in.”

“And yes, yes, you can be married to someone and not know that sort of thing. When you’re nothing more than a trophy, a possession to them.”

So, what’s next? And when?

Well, next week we’ll catch up with the crowd on Grandfather’s ranch. Even though Ryan managed to get Laura and their baby someplace safe – for how long? Do they just wait around for trouble to find them? Or do they take the bull by the horns, Texas style?

And don’t forget Mercy and Will are off to Mexico. What will they discover there? Will her mysterious half-brother Diego shoot them on sight, send Mercy down that hole, or embrace her as family? Does Will find the answers he’s looking for? And how can he keep his woman safe?

I hope to have both of those chapters for you next week. With many more to follow.

And I am still working on website updates to make it quicker and easier to find what you are looking for. As well as editing and posting those old chapters in these stories. I hope that once I have done that, you will share this series with your friends and family.

Time to get off here and go write some more…

Remember you can find the next chapter HERE.

Goddess bless and thank you for the support you have all shown me,

2 thoughts on “Next Chapter Posted

    1. My bad! I misnumbered. I forgot that what is chapter 1 in my working document is called Prologue elsewhere. I will change that now. But not to worry you’re current with the story.

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