Makeover Time!

No, not me. I mean look at my wedding photo. I barely wore any makeup even then. Although, to be fair, it was a rushed deal because of this virus. We barely snuck in under the wire before they stopped performing them at all.

But I am getting off point…

The makeover I am referring to is this website.

I have had this blog for ages, but never done much with it. Partly because I didn’t know how.

But with my big decision, risk, jumping off the cliff by leaving Literotica, I needed to crack that nut. Thankfully, I had already signed up for #wpgrowthsummit – an online conference of all things WordPress.

Those were an intense couple of days. I felt like my mind was going to explode with all the new knowledge. Here’s a secret: even though my partner is a techie’s techie, I am a hopeless technophobe.

The awesome thing about this online conference is that you can watch all the sessions again. I am going to need that.

So, over the next few weeks and months, I am going to be upgrading this website to make it cleaner, easier to use, and more accessible. If you came back daily, it would probably look different.

But to do that well, I need your feedback. I need to hear from you about:

  • What is working
  • What isn’t
  • What you would like to see on here
  • What you are having trouble finding
  • …and especially from those of you viewing this blog on your phones.

At the bottom of each page should be a comments box, please use those.

The only other writer that I know of who has done this successfully is Andy Weir’s The Martian. So, this is a learning curve for me.

I appreciate those of you who have followed me from Lit and especially those of you who have been following me for some time.

But don’t worry, I promise that after today, I will get my nose back to the grindstone of writing and keep churning out those chapters. My goal is three or so a week. And the next chapter comes out – TOMORROW!

6 thoughts on “Makeover Time!

  1. DO you want the website comments here or in e-mail? I ask because there is some knit-picky shit that is relevant to the website but makes me sound Anonymous, and that’s not something I want to do in public. Let me give you an example.

    You change the font when you say “The makeover I am referring to is this website.” On the pc it fits nicely between the margins. On my phone it takes three lines. That’s okay, except the vertical spacing is too tight.

    Like I said, that’s knit-picking. But it is something that I think you want because you are a perfectionist and, well, the line spacing makes that one line look cramped.

    By the way, your daughter is a real cutie. I love the heart hand signal and the smile.

    I love the integration of the photos. The slide show works great on both the pc and the phone.

    I previously commented on the line breaks on my phone. One line, on the phone, has the photo of you and your hunk followed by “Publishe” with “d by” on the next line. Because the photo is only two lines in vertical space, the third line hand the rest of the tag has a slightly different left margin. Is this because there is a control between the photo and the text? I dunno Wordspace but that is something in the old desktop publishers and word processing programs. And the left margin stays indented on my phone, not going to the left side of the phone.

    Underneath it, the chevron and Previous are at the left side of the phone. Obviously a separate tag. (I dunno. Do they call ’em tags in Wordspace or is that just HTML.)

    THAT’s WEIRD. “Comment” is broken down on the phone as “COMM” on one line, “ENT” on the second. Same with “WEBSI” and “TE”.

    How come this form on the PC has one box and the phone has a separate box? The phone asks for NAME, EMAIL and WEBSI TE with POST COMMENT at the left; the PC asks “Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:”, “Email (required)” at the left and flush right to the box “Address never made public)”, “Name (required)” and “Website” each in its own box. Oh, and the phone has asterisks between the boxes.

    The notify of new comments and new posts follow, with the boxes to click. On the phone they are under the POST COMMENT box, on the PC the POST COMMENT box is slightly above (at the right) the Notify me of new comments.

    On the PC the POST COMMENT box appears to align on the right with the Facebook icon. Not the box around the comment that I am writing.

    Both have the Akismet line. The link is light blue on the PC and green on the phone. I wonder if that is more the settings on my phone.

    The PC then has Connect with me and ends. The phone has a Search box and then Recent Posts.

    After listing some recent posts and a pull-down for Archives the phone ends with Connect With Me, icons and Powered by

    Again, do you want these comments (you know I am long winded) in Comments or Private?

    All in all, Jeez lady, you are fricking amazing!!!!

    1. Yes, this is fine. I am burned out on website today and need to unpack all that. But this is the type of feedback I’d love everyone send as I work hard to make this site user friendly and easily accessible. Thank you for taking your precious time to send it.

  2. Hey, Metaphor Queen. Did you leave the nest or jump off a cliff? I think you left the nest. You are flying. You are soaring, based on the website and all the stuff you’ve done in the last week. Be proud of yourself. You deserve it.

    (Did Metaphor Queen come out right? I mean it in a positive way. No negativity.)

  3. I must make the leap in my mind from Literotica to here. At present I am navigationally challenged. I look forward to mapping my way through your website so I can revel in your stories. I shall post any suggestions, glitches or disconveniences as soon as I’m certain they don’t derive from my ignorance. Thank you for bringing Sebida to life for me.

    1. Thank you, Elliot. Yes, please give me any feedback you can on improving the website to make it easier to find stuff. I am working with the WordPress time to upgrade things. As I am technophobic myself.

    2. Elliot:

      (Sorry, my screen shots don’t seem to have come through.)

      Be patient with the website. We have the relatively unique pleasure of seeing a basic idea formed and molded into what we know by her writing will be exquisite. Watching the changes should be fun, as well as insight into some of how Tara thinks and works things out. Ought to be fun.

      To start, notice that you got an email saying you (or anybody) posted a comment.

      Click on Tara Cox – Literary Erotica. It is near the top of the e-mail, in blue and underlined (at least on my screen.)

      This takes you to the website.

      Or just open a browser and go to

      Near the top of the page you see Tara Cox – Literary Erotica. The next line reads Real life, hot sex, deep meaning… Then a line and then the website menu. Click on one of these menu items to get to the good stuff.

      If you are following the Trouble Texas Style series, all you have to do is hover over the down pointing cheviot and a list of what Tara has available. Remember, she is SWAMPED and so hasn’t had the time to take everything from Literotica over to here. That will come in time. She’s promised.

      Now, this is her website. She has a story entitled Love In The First Degree. That was entitled One Night Stand on Literotica. At least I think so. She has also changed stuff, so the first chaper of Love in the First Degree is not exactly One Night Stand. Tara can correct me if I’m wrong.

      At the list of stories, click on one. It will take you to an overview of the story, with a picture for the story (let the Anons tell us that is not their image of the character and remember to use your own imagination. Does anybody other than Fabio look like Fabio?) followed by the individual chapters. Those are the chapters that have been made available on this website, not the whole story.

      Click on one of the chapters and get to reading.

      Hope this helps.

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