I Did It!

***UPDATE*** After receiving feedback from readers and spending five very long hours in a WordPress conference. I have abandoned the PDF idea. You can now find all the books and chapters (as I edit and post them) from the Trouble Texas Style on the menu.

To make this one easy…

Chapter 5 – Where’s My Hellion

And it even seems to be working…

What did I do, you ask?

I have added the next chapter in my Trouble Texas Style series to my new WIPs page here.

This one is Chapter 5 – Where’s My Hellion from Goodbye Earl. And here’s a preview…

“Maybe too often. I’m tired. Without them, watching everything I do and say, needing me to be the strong one, I just don’t know how. I don’t know what to do now.” She rubbed her hands back and forth against one another. But even that brought back old memories. How many times had she seen her mother do that same thing? Usually, when she knew another beating was coming.

He released her arms and stepped back, “Then will you let me? Will you allow me to help? To carry you through this tough spot? Please?”

His words drew her back again. Back from that rabbit hole of fear, pain, and regret that she could not afford to keep jumping down. She sighed as she stared at the man.

He had walked off his job. Traveled almost halfway across the state. Hidden her away in this hell hole. Been hit, scratched, and bitten. Hell, the man had seen her naked and cleaned up her vomit. And he still had not run. It made no sense.

“Why? Why the fuck do you care? Why not just leave me here and get the hell out of Dodge while you can, Wyatt Earp?”

And goddess bless you all for the support you have shown me over the past few days,

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