Why you ruin good p0rn…

I had an editor once, who said to me…

Why do you ruin good porn with all that shit?

By that shit, he meant realism. PTSD, death/dying, crying until your nose is snotty, and calling it snot.

I had another beta-reader (a friend of his by the way) who said of my Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour…

By the time I was finished, I felt like I had PTSD, too.

They did not mean it that way, but to me, that is one of the highest compliments I have ever received as a writer. Especially as a woman who has never served in the military or combat.

But now with my Trouble Texas Style, I am stepping away from all my comfort zones. I am tackling head-on some of the most complex issues of our world: sexism/feminism, racism, rape trauma, human trafficking, corporate and political greed/corruption.

Many of the storylines are straight from the headlines, but even more of them are from personal experience: people I have known and places I have been.

I lived in Sebida (name changed a bit to protect the guilty)…for four years. And yes, there was a real Sherriff Earl Kerr, who blew up drug dealers when they would not cut him in, raped single mothers trying to protect their children, and yes, he was acquitted of most of it.

And that is the point…


I believe that.

Literotica may seem a strange place to publish such a thing. But I am grateful to Laurel and Manu for taking the chance on this series. It took almost a week for Chapter 1 of Ready To Run to be proved. I am certain that was not an easy choice for them. But my respect for them for taking that leap of faith is immense.

And I want to say, that the overall response that I have received from these stories had restored my faith in humanity…or at least the nice porn readers @literotica.

Yes, I have gotten a couple of ‘those’ emails. But not merely as many as you’d think.

And no, they won’t change a damned thing about how I write these stories. Because if you ain’t guessed the point yet…

None of us are good, and none of us are evil.

We are all shades of both.

Even Gerald had the decency to do right by Cassie and Callie. And when Sean looked into the beautiful soul of his daughter, he did the one thing that he could to save them all from the beast he had become. And there are loads more surprises for you all…and probably me, too.

So, what’s next?

Well, these stories are about half-finished. Yes, that makes them almost as f*ing long as a George R R Martin novel. Then to make it worse, there is a second series afterward about rebuilding their lives and Sebida. Oh, Jack finds his love in that one.

One of the biggest things I hate about books is…

The End…

But unless everyone in the story dies, then it really isn’t.

That’s why I love reading and writing series, where I keep seeing old friends pop in for a visit. It’s like real life.

I do have a bit of bad news, though…

I can’t keep up the pace of one story per day anymore. My beloved partner told me today that we need to dust and vacuum. Mind you he had put off telling me until today because it was the final day of #CampNaNoWriMo. His first wife was a writer, too. And she trained him that you don’t screw with #NaNoWriMo. Which in this case is bad because we are in self-isolation since he has asthma…and dust (and guinea pigs) are almost as bad for him as this virus. Plus my beautiful #urbanfarm and #homestead need to be replanted for fall and winter vegetables.

But do not despair, my goal is three to five chapters per week…and that is fairly doable. It should keep this series plugging along nicely.

By the way, anyone want to guess how many words I did write in the month of July?

73,840 for you…all in this series. 

Oh, and if you want to read some of my edited stuff, then check out my profile at:


The fully edited versions of Nothing Done In Love and Njörδur’s Captive are available to read or even download there. And yes, they are still magically priced as…FREE.

I am currently working on edits/rewrites for my first completed novel, The Arrangement, that has a new title – Solid Ground. That one is radically different to the original. And well worth a second look.

It’s a win-win. You get to see cleaner and updated stories of your old favorites. And I get more views at a new site, which helps me to rise in the rankings, which means more people see my stories, which encourages me to keep writing. Did I mention…FREE?

Although that is not quite true, I’m gonna beg for likes, follows, and comments. Because those increase my rankings…and get my stories in front of more people…which feeds my writer’s ego…which fuels my muse.

But for those of you who have so kindly commented about agents and publishers, thanks but no thanks. I love the freedom I have by self-publishing. Although if any of you know television producers, that is another matter.

I totally have Stacey Reynolds cast with Reba McEntire…

But who would play Rebel Zappa Moonchild (Smith)?

Johnny Depp? David Boreanaz? My dream…Keanu.

So, who would you cast in that role or the others?

Oh, and if you want to play odd games like that with me, know my word accounts, or when to expect the next chapter, then check out my Contacts page here that I have just updated with my Twitter and Instagram links.

I truly appreciate each of you, who views this blog or my stories.

Now, I gotta run and do more edits in Solid Ground…

Goddess bless,



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