Njörður’s Captive – Updates

I have been playing around with my recently released FREE PDF of the completely edited version of Ægir’s Captive under the new title Njörður’s Captive. Including this snazzy new cover:

Njordur's Captive Cover WordPress

Kirsty Dickens has spent twenty-six years trying to be the ‘good girl.’ But she was never thin enough, smart enough, or talented enough to win her mother’s love. She could not even manage to hold onto the ‘right’ man.

But her ex-boyfriend’s parting gift to her is getting her into deep trouble with those erotic romance stories of Viking brothers who kidnap their wife. Yes, singular. One wife with brothers. If that is not bad enough, there is spanking, rope, and all kinds of other kinky stuff in those stories.

But that’s just fiction. Those kinds of things don’t happen in the ‘real’ world, not in modern London, right?

Modernity – brothers Svein, Mikael, and Bjⱷrn are battling time, the seas, and one another to preserve their way of life that is almost as ancient as the rising fjords they call home.

Svein has spent over three decades fishing the North Seas. Since he was seven-years-old, it has been home, mistress, and wife. He will do whatever it takes to ensure that way of life continues. Except, none of that matters if there is not a son to pass it on to. And that requires a wife…

Mikael grew up in his brother’s shadow, always second best, the second mate. All he ever wanted was something, someplace, someone all his own. He thought he had found that. Until the day his ex-wife walked out, leaving him to raise their daughter alone. The last thing he wants is another one…

Bjⱷrn is every woman’s fantasy. With the good looks of Thor and the mind of Einstein, he is the total package. But like the trickster god Loki, his easy smile and quick wit hides the pain. Something is missing. More like someone…

Their One – the woman who can heal the pains of the past, draw them together as a family, and give them the sons they need to ensure the future. A shieldmaiden to fight back the tides of modernity side by side. Someone who loves them all the same, but differently.

And in return, their rope and pain will free her to be the ‘good girl’ she was meant to be.

To get the latest version of the PDF file…

Njordur’s Captive.

And better news…I am almost finished with edits, cover, and other content for Book 2 Njörður’s Bride. Later this week…off to edit Book 3 Njörður’s Wife.



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