What am I up to?

I sincerely appreciate the surge in voting and comments at Literotica as well as views on this blog. Comments especially are paychecks to me. I realize that loads of you are clamoring for the revival of old stories and completion of others, so I thought I would share those plans with you, today.

But before I do – if you have not guessed by some of my stories like Fall of Man and my Apocalypse series with The Arrangement and Rings of Fire, I have strong conspiracy and prepper tendencies.

I honestly believe that we are living in unprecedented times. And that all of us need to prepare for worse to come, especially food security. For thirty-six days now, my other blog has been doing a daily special edition on this crisis. While it covers other things such as parenting, home education, and maintaining a positive attitude, its primary focus has become food security, sustainability, and grow your own. These are just a small sample of my goddess bounty at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

I want to implore all of you to check it out for ourselves. And to give serious thought to what you can in terms of your family’s food security.

Okay, cross plug and plea for your awareness aside. What’s up?

Yes, I will be continuing 2nd Best. Though at a slower pace. And sorry for the sex fiends out there, Heather and Jan are NOT jumping into bed any time soon. That would not be in character for her, and I don’t change that to please readers. Though from a BDSM standpoint she will succumb to his Dom tendencies sooner rather than later.

Expect more of No Strings Attached as well. That story is only a few chapters from the end.

Speaking of endings, there is only one more chapter of Night Walker’s Woman remaining to be written, if not in the next couple of weeks, then definitely in May. But don’t worry the story does not end with Rex, Jaycee, and Angel. As soon as that one posts, I will begin posting Books 2 and 3 in what I am calling Trouble Texas Style. The first chapters in those stories are old ones already on Lit. Tight Fittin Jeans and One Night Stand will roll into this series. And once those are complete Small Town Secrets was unravel more of the mystery.

As for my pet project and labor of love, Goddess Chronicles – I will be continuing this one as well. I would expect to release a chapter or two per month, the same as 2nd Best.

As for other stories:

Fall of Man – Wow, this one is hitting pretty close to home right now. On one hand, I am reluctant to monopolize on fear at this critical time. But on the other, I don’t think most people truly appreciate just how much of a house of cards our world is built upon right now. Perhaps as a word or warning to coincide with my other blog, it might be time to revive this one. But yes, I do plan to finish this one.

Forbidden Fruit – Yes, I want to get to this one as well. My reluctance in continuing is the category. While the interracial element will continue as race plays a part even in Esther’s Story, it will not be the focus that it was. I have matured past that point of steamy porn. It is just a matter of deciding where its new home is and finding my legs with this one again.

Sommer Lovin – Yes, I will finish this one, too. Though, it too is a matter of my finding my legs.

Sometimes life’s a bitch when you find true love and realize how inadequate all those mind games that are the normal tropes for this genre are. I don’t want to further those unrealistic expectations, so it is often about reworking old stuff.

Speaking of which…since Literotica won’t let me post Shared Burdens – PDF without taking down Esther’s Story, here is the PDF file of that story.

As for those kind ones among who keep imploring me to share my stories beyond the Lit realm – been there, done that, and have the debt to show for failed attempts on Amazon self-publishing.

I keep thinking of other ways to share edited stories. I have files of the vastly edited and improved versions of Ægir’s and The Arrangement. Both of which are at least 25% new content and loads fewer typos and plot holes. But experience has taught me that I do not manage to break even on self-publishing by the time I pay for covers and edits, let alone promoting them.

I am toying with the idea of Creative Commons release of those edited stories here or on a website. But every moment I put into editing and promoting is one less I have for writing.

So, that is pretty much it…except that of course neither my ‘finished’ stories, The Arrangement, Rings of Fire, Nothing Done in Love, or Ægir’s are truly finished. I am continuing those and weaving threads of their stories into others as some of you have noticed.

The sad truth is that if I live to be one-hundred years old I might not get all the Crazzy stories out of my head.

But please be patient even writing close to or more than two-thousand words per day, these things take time.

Okay, off here to write that other blog and edit/post the next chapter of No Strings Attached. That should give you a couple million words to read while in self-isolation.

Goddess bless and protect you and yours,
Tara Cox and our @HomeCrazzyHome




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