Frankly, my dear…

A couple of weeks ago, I began a project at Literotica called Survival Revival. The whole idea was to get reading material into people’s hands during this time of crisis.

What I forgot was that Lit isn’t always the friendliest place to write. Other writers and readers all think they are New York Times critics.

So, let me tell you how I think and feel about that…


Yes, the things I am writing now are shorter. About the amount, I can write and/or edit in a day.

Do you know why that works for me?

Because if I sit there and wait until something is finished to release it, then I end up with a bad case of perfectionism.

Do you know how long Rings of Fire sat as a complete novel in my To Be Published folder? Three years. Completely finished, edited four times, and it sat there.

Now to be perfectly clear, I know that other writers work differently. I also respect that some readers don’t like shorter chapters. So, let me be clear about my thoughts and feelings on the subject…

Don’t read my shit!

Simple as. There are thousands of other writers on @literotica. Find one you do like and read them instead.

But when it comes to my writing…

No backseat drivers allowed.

At this point, I am considering my options…

  1. Turn off comments – but then I miss the good ones too, and frankly, those are the only pay I receive or want.
  2. Stop publishing to Lit – I did this one for years. I write for me, first and foremost. I reread Rings at least a dozen times in those three years because honestly, the number of writers I like is incredibly small.
  3. Start deleting those comments – which is probably the one I will go with for now.

To be clear, I’m not angry. I know how to hit the delete button on comments and snarky feedback. Especially from that brilliant Anonymous.

So, why the rant? As a fair warning to those who are commenting that I am deleting them. Because…

For those of you who are left, look forward to more short but fast-paced chapters. I have about half a dozen projects I am currently working on. At various stages of completion. Some are almost finished like No Strings Attached. Others, I write, edit, and publish as I go, such as Goddess Chronicles and Night Walker’s Woman.

Then there is my big experiment: 2nd Best. I have a twenty-thousand-word non-erotic novella written with Happy For Now, (okay, bittersweet) ending. Or…I am a quarter or a third of the way through another BSDM/Mature story. And readers’ votes on whether or not Jan deserves ANOTHER chance will decide. At least for now.

I know this may not be how others do it. Whatever works for them. And I know that these shorter chapters don’t work for all of you. That is cool too. Either read someone else or wait until a story is complete and binge read.

As a writer, I am led not by the opinions of others (that would make me an author by the way), but by MY muse. Because as Gore said…

I know who I am – a writer…

I know how my stories go and the writing system that works best for me…

And yes, I don’t give a damn.

Goddess bless,
From our @HomeCrazzyHome to yours – Tara

Oh, and ever wonder why I rarely comment on the people’s writing? Why all the book reviews I did here were only positive? Why I gave even that up? Because I practice what I preach. Because I hate something that does not mean it is ‘bad.’ Just not my cuppa. Everyone has their audience…even if it is an audience of one (themselves). And that is the only audience that matters to a writer.

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