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Yes, we are in TOTAL self-isolation for longer than most people due to the fact that my partner is asthmatic and high-risk for this nasty stuff. But while most people are struggling and many are bored, I am enjoying this self-isolation. I am an extreme introvert, so, peopling has never been my thing. If it were not for the worry about Alan coming down with it, this would be the best vacation ever – locked in my familiar environment with the two people I am closest to and not forced to people.

And WRITING. If you have not noticed I am posting one story, all be it short, per day to Literotica. Some of them are things that I have been working on for a while, but others are new words, written that day. I have a couple things going at once, which I post comes down mostly to @PanKwake. If she is entering herself when I get up in the morning, my prime writing time, then I work on new writing. If she, who is an extrovert and struggling, needs me for people time then I edit something already written and post it.

But I am also doing a special daily edition of my other blog @HomeCrazzyHome. Any of you who have read either Rings of Fire or Fall of Man know that I have ‘prepper’ tendencies. Of course, ‘prepping’ has gotten a bad reputation, even before this. But the truth is that we should all be preppers, which after all has as its root word prepared. While I know this is a bit late, I am sharing on my blog simply ideas and strategies that everyone can do now to manage the crisis as best he or she can.

@HomeCrazzyHome has information on:

  • Parenting and educating your children from my over a decade of experience as a #homeed mom
  • Advice on staying positive and managing your mental health from someone who struggles with depression
  • Ideas for stretching the food that you have on hand including recipes
  • Building ultimate food security by growing your own even in an apartment or small area
  • Where to go for the latest accurate information
  • …and more.

I am not doing this blog to make money; I don’t. Or to become famous, my nightmare. But to get information people need into their hands. I encourage you all to visit my @HomeCrazzyHome blog and to share the information there with others.

Oh, and there soon be videos of me dancing on @Prankwake‘s YouTube channel. (Not that kind! I gave that up thirty years ago. I ain’t got the body for it no more.)

But don’t worry, I remain committed to writing that smut, too. Though my goal for One Million Words in 2020, #1Mwordsin2020, has taken a bit of a beating lately. Still, not too many writers can boast they have written over 185,000 words in less than three months. Yes, loads of that include blogging, but words is words.

Oh, and if you have not seen them, my latest stories include:

Goddess Chronicles 

2nd Best

…and I am working on the next and crucial chapter of Night Walker’s Woman, too.

Which means since it is another wonderful day for gardening in beautiful, sunny Swansea, I had better get off and write some more while it warms up for that working and planting in my garden.

Goddess bless,

Your very own Crazzy priestess of the goddess of love and great sex…




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