I’m a Survivor…Reboot

Good morning. I, like you, am struggling. #Covid-19, #coronavirus, #socialdistancing, #selfisolation, and #lockdown are scary words. Never more so than when your soul mate, the person you have waited a lifetime for, the prince after too many frogs, is #HighRiskCovid19.

Anyone who has read my Rings of Fire or Fall of Man can guess, I am a #prepper. I was raised one. Though never have I achieved the degree of #preparedness that I have within the past two weeks. But things get really scary when your very sanguine ‘Keep Calm’ always, British partner stops kidding you about it and starts planning alongside you. You know then that shit is serious. Especially when that partner is as knowledgeable and informed as mine is.


I have even begun a special edition called UK #Prepper Mom at my vanilla @HomeCrazzyHome blog. I encourage you to read it and share it wildly. I am not trying to make money or get famous off this crisis. I want to educate people about things like:

The whole purpose of this special edition is to bust the myths about #preppers and educate people so that they are prepared, now and in the future. So, that #pancibuying and despair don’t reign.

But none of that is what I really want to talk to you about.

I began my writing career at @Literotica with the Survivor contest. Yes, don’t you just love that name. It was a challenge to write as many stories in as many categories as you could in a year. I don’t think I ever actually won (I might have), but I placed second a couple of times. That is why I have so many stories, too many of them unfinished, @Literotica.

It was one of the best things I ever did as a #writer. It taught me discipline. It built the thick skin that we all need to handle trolls and taught me when to accept constructive criticism. By the time this contest ceased to exist, I had found my voice and my niche. I owe Manu, Laurel, @Literotica, and you, my readers a lot for that.

So, it is payback time.

I am committing to you to return to that Survivor mentality. To post new stories every day, or two. To feed your insatiable need to read…and of course, other things, too. (Did you know that Italy has seen a 71% increase in the sale of sex toys?)

Actually, it does not seem fair in some ways. You see I have over 100,000 words and several stories that I have been holding back.

You see one disadvantage to ending the  Survivor challenge, for me at least, was that I became much more of a perfectionist. I edit shit to death and don’t just get it out there into the readers’ hands.

So, I will begin with a quirky story called The Goddess Chronicles. It is both deeply thought-provoking and some of the trashiest porn I have written. I won’t say any more for now though.

Except for this tease…

My name is Rhea. I am the incarnation of the Goddess upon Earth. Or I have been for the past thirty years. This is the chronicle of my journey. The story of the true forces of light and darkness at work in the world. They are not what you think. Nothing is as it seems. But that is my tale too.

Why have you never heard of my Goddess? Why, instead, do male gods rule this world? Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, Confucious, Zeus, Thor, and too many others to name? That, too, is part of Her fable.

Who is She? What does She stand for?

She had many names over time: Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Gaia, Chirakan, Pachamama, Saraswati, Freya, Cerridwen, Spider Grandmother, and of course, Rhea. She is all of these and more.

She is the hidden thread that is woven through those other tales as well. Search deep, beneath the religions, into the spiritual side of those others, and you will find Her there too. She has always been, and She always will be.

She is the Yin, but not dark as the world thinks of it. But, yes, She is mysterious and hidden. She is the earth, and She is woman. She is mother to all, protector, and She can be fierce when She must. But at Her core, She is love. She is the purest form of creation, life, and yes, sexuality.

Sex – that is Her greatest gift to Her creations. It is also the most feared and polluted by them, and especially those among you who seek to rule and control.

Have you ever wondered why all those religions exalt celibacy, abstinence, virginity? Or why corporations use sexuality, especially the female body, to sell their things? Both know and recognize Her power, and seek to defile it.

She is everywhere. If you only look, seek Her. But like you, I did not know of Her. I was blissfully ignorant. Until…

Goddess bless. May we all be Survivors of whatever is to come.

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