I did it!

I really finally did it! I just finished editing Chapter 10 of Ægir’s Wife. I will reformat it and submit it to the @Literotica goddess tomorrow. Assuming that it does not get rejected the way that my last submission (Shared Burdens) did, then it should be out for readers next week.

And Chapter 11 is written already. I will edit it next week. I know that there is one scene that needs to be changed because of something that happened in this chapter. But it should not be too bad.

Then only Chapter 12 to be written. The big happy family wedding bit…and a set up for the next books. But I am not worrying about those just yet.

I hope, fingers crossed, goddess willing and the creek don’t rise, to finish Ægir’s trilogy before the beginning of 2020.

But I also need to prep for our @HomeCrazzyHome Christmas party this weekend. Which means loads of cleaning, decorating, and cooking. Then I have a Christmas table runner to quilt for next week’s Old Lady Quilting Club party.

Then my life settles down. I can focus on finishing Ægir’s and perhaps even No Strings Attached. I can also plan what I will be writing and doing in 2020.

But getting this one off my plate feels incredibly good.

Oh, and if it is rejected? I’ll post it here instead.

I am planning revamps of my blogs/websites in 2020 including making PDF versions of everything free under Creative Commons license. You will be able to purchase ebook formats cheaply still. And I will even make paperback options.

For me, it is about being read. By as many people as want to.

Oh, and those comments! Always love those comments. That is $$$ in the bank to me.

Well, off to sew, clean, and decorate today.

Goddess bless you and yours…


3 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Congratulations, i look forward to reading your latest, you are a wonderful writer that speaks to my heart with your words, thank you.

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