My Favorites…

As a daughter and a mother, one thing I learned: you should never have favorites. That is probably true of writers, too. But it is hard not to, when it comes to your stories, not your children. Never have a favorite child. Of course, when you have over 250 stories on Literotica, it can be challenging to pick just one.

So, in today’s blog, I don’t want to focus on my series or my contest winners. Those have loads of reads and comments. Instead, I want to highlight some of the lesser-known stories that I am especially proud of.

Tara’s Top 10

10. Little Missy (First Time) – She grew up but never grew out of her childhood crush. Can she convince him that she’s not a child anymore?

9. Better Late Than Never (First Time) – Sense a theme? Not really, this one is the fat chick and the jock getting another chance.

8. Might Have Been (Mature) – It isn’t always the cougar doing the chasing, sometimes that cub goes for what he wants. What happens when they are reunited a decade later?

7. Answers (Non-erotic) – A young police detective searching for answers to the mystery that has haunted her whole life.

6. Leather and Lace (Romance) – Based upon the Stevie Nix and Don Henley song, the soldier with PTSD and an abused young woman end up with more than just a study date.

5. Criminal Minds: Gideon’s New Life (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) – My love for writing was re-kindled with fan-fic. But I have been told that this is a better ending for a beloved character than the television series gave him.

4. Special Needs (Romance) – This is one of my most underrated stories on Lit. It seems that a sexually adventurous couple cannot also be romantic. I call bullshit on that one.

3. One Knight Stand (Erotic Horror) – I don’t do horror, but this story has a ghost with some very real consequences.

2. No Strings Attached (Erotic Couplings) – This one might need a category change before I’m done with it. It seems that this story may get a different ending in the future. But still worth a read now.

1. That Morning (Non-erotic) – An unconventional examination of the events surrounding 9/11.

That should give ya’ll plenty to read while I get some new shit out there.













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